A Shakian Dilemma Via a Barnesian Problem

Shaka Smart. (Courtesy of VCU)
Shaka Smart. (Courtesy of VCU)

Shaka Smart has a problem.

It’s not a new problem, mind you. No. It’s a problem he’s been dealing with for an entire season and, indeed, one Texas fans have had to endure over four straight postseasons of limited success.

As an analyst, I’ve tried my best this year to be fair to Rick Barnes.

That’s because Rick, no matter what the average Horns fan thought of him, earned it. Not because that’s what he deserves, intrinsically, but because that’s what he earned with his time coaching in Austin.

But this isn’t about piling on Rick (who missed a postseason berth of any kind for the first time in 24 seasons). This is about the reality of a roster where Shaka Smart has been forced to live with a backcourt that is just as much pick your poison as it is choose your success.

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