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A Trip to League City

Inside Texas traveled to League City, Tex. to meet with 2009 cornerback commit Marcus Davis and his head coach at Clear Creek High School, Darrell Warden. IT talked with each about how solid Davis is with his commitment to Texas, what kind of a player he is and much more.
Clear Creek’s Marcus Davis, the No. 4-rated cornerback in the nation, became one of the Longhorns’ first commitments for the Class of 2009 when he met Texas head coach Mack Brown back in February.

But recruiting hasn’t stopped for Davis.

He’d already held offers from both Oklahoma and Texas A&M when he gave his commitment to Texas, but just one week after he pledged to suit up for the Horns, Davis received an offer in the mail from LSU. And then another offer. And another.

“I’m still getting letters,” said Davis. “They basically told me they’re not going to stop recruiting me until next February.”

That’s how recruiting goes for Davis, one of the top football players in the country. But despite the continued attention, Davis has promised to maintain his commitment.

“I’m solid. I’m a solid commit. I’m not going to decommit,” assured Davis.

Darrell Warden, Davis’ head coach at Clear Creek, echoed the talented cornerback’s statements.

“He’s a firm commitment to Texas. So on my prospect sheets I send out I say ‘Committed to Texas’ and and for anybody that calls I say ‘No, he’s firm,’” said Warden. “(Davis and his parents) have given their word. That’s where he’s going.”

Given how highly recruited Davis is, he had to deal with the pressure of recruiting very early. He was a standout player from the beginning of his high school career. He’d never done any serious weight-lifting in his life, but he arrived at Clear Creek High School with a naturally toned build and had speed to boot.

“You could just tell,” said Warden. “He was head and shoulders above everybody.”

The letters began pouring in early and Davis started hearing from several top programs, including OU and USC.

“It’s always exciting when you get your first letter, but I figured it would go deeper than just the propaganda,” said Davis.

It indeed went much deeper. His coach starting receiving multiple calls each day to check on Clear Creek’s star defensive back. A couple of very early offers rolled in for Davis as well, first from OU and then from A&M.

But Davis was waiting for an offer from his favorite school, Texas, and he was very hopeful he’d get that offer because the Longhorns were showing Davis that the interest was quite mutual.

“They had always sent me mail, camp information, stuff like that all the time, but towards the beginning of my junior year is when they really started sending hand-written mail from Coach (Mac) McWhorter and all that,” said Davis.

Davis’ closest relationship on the Texas staff actually formed with McWhorter, the offensive line coach. At the time, McWhorter was the Longhorn’s Houston-area recruiter and he, along with Texas defensive backs coach Duane Akina, would come by Clear Creek regularly to scout Davis.

An offer still wasn’t on the table, though, because Texas does not offer before the previous class has signed. So, just a few days after Signing Day 2008, Davis and his parents made their way up to Austin to meet with Brown and the rest of the coaching staff. Davis finally got his written offer and before the day was out he’d given his commitment to play for the Texas Longhorns.

Since then, Davis has been pleased more and more each day by his commitment. According to Davis, Texas fans have been very complimentary and he anticipates, as much attention as he gets in high school now, for the attention to grow when he finally suits up in Burnt Orange.

“The fans already show us, the commits, a lot of love,” said Davis. “I think it’s going to be way more than what it is here (in high school).”

But what kind of player are Texas fans getting in Davis? The 6-1, 190-pound cornerback runs a 4.45 in the 40 and is known for his speed on the field, but Davis said one of his favorite aspects of football is the contact and describes his game as “intense.”

“I’m very physical. I like to play hands-on ball. I like to come up and hit,” said Davis.

Warden agrees and said that even though Davis has the build of a defensive back, the Clear Creek coaches would occasionally spin him down into a rover, linebacker-type role against running teams.

“We moved him around a lot,” said Warden. “It depended on the opponent. We tried to match him up with our opponent’s best receiver, or if we’re playing an option team, we might want to get him closer to the ball. We put a lot on his shoulders and moved him around a lot. He never complains.”

But there’s always work that can be done, improvements that can be made. Davis said he’d like to work even more on his press coverage so he can become a shut-down corner for Texas.

“My defensive game is pretty strong. The thing I can improve on is my man coverage,” said Davis. “I don’t really have a problem with my zone coverage. My man coverage can definitely get a little bit better, but I think I’m physical enough to play on the next level already.”

Davis is a Texas commit, already one of the top players in the nation and the No. 5-overall prospect in the state of Texas for the Class of ’09, but he has no intention of resting on his laurels, which is very good news for Longhorn fans.

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