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Charts of Depth: Defense

Charlie Strong's inaugural Texas campaign undoubtedly proved his wizardry as a defensive mind. He took the same parts that previously comprised a soft and undisciplined defense and made them one of the Big 12's best. Heading into 2015, much of the 2014 defense's key components have been lost to senior attrition, but he was still able to reinforce his reputation in the minds of many during the Spring game, especially when you take into consideration the young, inexperienced, and injured roster.

2015 Spring Primer: Defense

Charlie Strong arrived in Austin with the reputation of being a great defensive coach. Despite the underwhelming record in his inaugural season and more than a handful of lopsided games, he lived up to his billing in year one. It requires some context to understand that, namely the offense was terrible and put much undue strain on a defense that was much better in quarters one, two, and three than in the fourth. The team simply lacked the required depth to not wither late and the offense routinely put it in unfavorable situations. As did special teams.

2015 Spring Primer: Offense

Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. How tired are you, as a fanbase, of discussing the same position season after season? I try not to write about it much because it's discussed ad nauseam, but yet again it's an important topic heading into spring. We'll discuss it, of course, but it isn't even the most important position grouping on that side of the ball.