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Inside the Gameplan: Checking in on Hudson Card

With the exodus of Cameron Rising and Shane Buechele in the NCAA Transfer Portal, there’s all the more impetus on the 2020 class to bring more talent to the quarterback position. For the 2019 and 2020 seasons Texas currently figures to have Sam Ehlinger starting. Then in 2021 there'd presumably be a battle between RS junior Casey Thompson, RS sophomore Roschon Johnson, and RS freshman Hudson Card. Of course with the way things go today perhaps only one or two of those names would still be around to take the torch from Ehlinger.

Inside the Gameplan: Offseason challenges

With Lil’Jordan Humphrey declaring for the NFL draft, the picture of the 2019 Texas football roster is starting to come into focus. The main cogs of 2018 are now accounted for as either graduating, departing early for the NFL, or returning. Texas has a lot going for it heading into 2019, namely the continued growth of key players recruited by Tom Herman in 2017 and 2018 that have additional developmental leaps ahead of them such as Sam Cosmi, Keaontay Ingram, Caden Sterns, B.J. Foster, and Sam Ehlinger.

Inside the Gameplan: How to beat Georgia

The main value of this game for Texas is that they're going to face a playoff caliber program, indeed one that they'd be likely to face if they made the playoffs in upcoming seasons, that isn't Oklahoma. The Sooners are a great annual test and Texas' road to the playoffs goes through OU, but it's valuable to get a feel for where you're at relative to a program like Georgia. After all, beating an SEC power is not a hurdle that the Sooners have yet cleared.
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Inside the Gameplan: My 5 favorite offensive signees

Building out an elite offense is often a pretty misunderstood exercise. On defense you don’t really get to pick where the ball is going save for by having truly transcendent defenders that the offense has to avoid or else by dedicating numbers and leverage to take something away. The offense can take a good deal more initiative in determining where the focal point of a given play will be.
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Inside the Gameplan: My 5 favorite defensive signees

Everywhere around the country, defensive coordinators are having to make tough decisions about what to look for in personnel, particularly at linebacker. The results of those decisions look increasingly different than they did 5-10 years ago and the ongoing trend towards smaller, faster, and more coverage-savvy defenders is only going to intensify in the coming years now that the strongest programs in the country are embracing the spread passing attack.

Inside the Gameplan: What was the Gameplan in 2018?

One of the fascinating things about college football is how much a team can change year over year. Strong programs are generally known for something whether it’s a particular type of personnel grouping, concepts, or style of play. However, the way teams attack others and the week-to-week tactics tend to change a lot as the new “senior” class takes over and defines the identity of the team.

Inside the Gameplan: Big picture takeaways from the B12 title game

The 2018 postseason is going to prove very instructive to Tom Herman and his staff about where exactly this Texas program is and how close they are to realizing their goals of winning championships. First they drew the full force and focus of the Oklahoma Sooners, who have now won four-straight Big 12 titles and taught Texas something about the difference between the regular season and the postseason. Next they’ll draw Georgia, who is either the best and most physical team in the country or a very close facsimile depending on who you ask.