Story Time Tuesday: James Brown the gamer

It's 1994. Longhorn QB Shea Morenz - a former 5 star high school phenom - is hobbled by a knee injury after a narrow 34-31 loss to #4 ranked Colorado. Morenz threw three touchdowns and two interceptions in the game, showing glimpses of the tantalizing potential of his recruiting pedigree, but with Morenz out and bitter rival Oklahoma looming, Texas coach John Mackovic was forced to turn to freshman QB James Brown. All 6 feet, 185 pounds of him.

The Investment

Right now, the University of Texas is funding, staffing, and resourcing its revenue sports in a coherent, considered, and rational way. It’s long overdue. It’s an attempt to shape and define the market rather than just react to it. An attitude we’ll be very pleased to have cultivated when conference realignment comes along.