BCS: Barnes Calls it ‘Sick’

Two days before Texas’ biggest non-conference game of the season, Longhorn basketball coach Rick Barnes asked members of the Austin media if we had any questions about the BCS. Well, since you asked…

Barnes naturally fielded basketball questions from Austin media Tuesday, approximately 48 hours before a nationally-televised hardwood match-up between No. 8 Texas and No. 9 UCLA. But since it was approximately 48 hours after it was announced that Oklahoma had edged Texas in this week’s BCS football rating, Barnes was asked how he felt about the system that placed the Sooners in the Big 12 Conference Championship game.

Texas’ hoops coach, who never sugarcoats anything, had this to say: “It makes you sick. You hope your body of work speaks for itself. I mean, you’re sick. It makes you sick. The bottom line is the whole football thing is messed up. I can only imagine it because I’m right here but, if I were the coach at Utah, I’d want a chance to play for the national championship. If I was at Boise State, I’d want a chance to play. If I was Southern Cal, I’d say ‘Give us a chance. Put us in a playoff right now. Let’s see how good we are’. Somewhere along the line, the (university) presidents, or whoever it is, need to say, ‘This is not right'”.

The Texas football team made up ground in all human elements of the BCS formula yet lost ground to Oklahoma because of composite computer rankings. Barnes continued: “I don’t know why we’d ever want a computer deciding who’s playing. Computers don’t see anything. Computers only know what somebody is typing in there. It’s a bad system. It is a very bad system, so it makes you sick. I feel for Mack (Brown) because I’m part of it with this university. But you could also look down the line and see six or seven other asking, ‘Why can’t we have a chance to win it’. It needs to be fixed.”

Last month, president-elect Barack Obama indicated his preference for a FBS division playoff. Barnes said: “Maybe he’ll get involved and make it better for everybody.”

But shouldn’t the president-elect have bigger things on his plate than working toward a football playoff? Barnes concluded: “It should be on his plate. I wish he would do it right now. We have a Texan in the Oval Office. Maybe he should do it and get it fixed real quick.”