BEDFORD: Notes and Quotes – 10/22/14

Vance Bedford. (Justin Wells/IT)
Vance Bedford. (Justin Wells/IT)

Vance Bedford has to have a little bit of the movie character ‘Carrie’ in him these days, befitting the Halloween season. After last week’s 48-45 win over Iowa State, the Texas defensive coordinator said Wednesday that his players saw a little bit of the good – and the bad – side of his personality over the weekend.

“We won the game Saturday, and I told them I was going to be excited for them that night,” Bedford said at his Wednesday media availability, “and tomorrow I’m going to be mad at ’em.”

Bedford, who almost weekly preaches the mantra of winning as the primary objective, repeated that theme at his presser.


“We did just enough to help our team win the game,” Bedford said. “We had six 3-and-outs, but we also gave up long drives and big plays that killed us. Big plays get you beat.”

When asked what he said to his players the day after the game, Bedford said, “I can’t really use those terms, but I think they got the message. The most important stat is the ‘W’. In 10 years, they aren’t going to ask about your defensive stats, they’re going to ask you if you won.”

Carrie…er, Bedford, also touched on several other topics:
* Dylan Haines – “Dylan Haines saw the ball in the air, went and made a play, and got it into the end zone,” said Bedford, who played collegiately with Haines’ father, John. “Here’s a guy who never even thought he would play special teams. Now he keeps getting better since he started. You can see he has football in him. He understands strengths and weaknesses.”

* Kansas State quarterback Jake WatersBedford will often compare upcoming opposing quarterbacks to a better-known quarterback, and this week was no exception. When asked about Waters, Bedford said, “This quarterback reminds me of Russell Wilson. He passes when he has to, and he can run. He knows where his receivers are, and he’s a competitor. He’s hard to defend; you have to be very disciplined. You have to know your assignment, and when he hits on something, it can’t go 70 yards. You have to make them go 80 yards in 15 plays instead of 80 yards in six plays.”

* On comparisons between Kansas State’s Bill Snyder and Texas coach Charlie Strong – “I think they are very similar. We are trying to get to where Coach Snyder is. He’s an old wide receiver’s coach, and when I watch their receivers, they are disciplined. It’s probably the most disciplined team we’ve faced.”

* Iowa State tight end E.J. Bibbs, who had a huge game against Bedford’s defense: “That tight end was a bad matchup for my DBs. One time, he pushed Mykkele (Thompson) back about five yards and made the catch…somebody asked me what to do about him, and I said, ‘You tell me…'”

* Bedford said linebacker Steve Edmond would play Saturday, and that Jason Hall is “running around” but remains a day-to-day contributor, injury-wise.

* About the play of the safety position – “I would like us to have a situation where if you throw between the hashes, the receiver knows one thing: he might not get up. The safeties set the tempo for what you want to do. Now Jason Hall, if he hits you, you do not fall forward. That’s what we’ve got to get back to at Texas. Jason Hall has shown signs, but he’s not there yet. If somebody goes between the hashes, to a safety, that’s got to be like somebody’s breaking into your house, it’s personal. It’s personal.”

* On where he’s going to eat lunch: “I wish I could tell you where I’m going to eat, but the University said I can’t, so I’m not going to tell you. Have a beautiful day…”