Blackwell: Notes while sheltered in place

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My “day job” sent me home in late March, so I’ve been spending time wearing a pathway from my refrigerator to my porch. I’ve also discovered that “zoom” is now “Zoom” and it means something different other than describing a fast car – which I can now fill up with gas for about eight bucks.

At any rate, some notes…

● I was more than a little interested in how the draft would be handled with prospects, coaches, league officials and television folks trying to make it work. Very few glitches, and it was certainly entertaining; Roger Goodell will be entertaining the throng at your local Holiday Inn Lounge every Tuesday and Thursday evening. The Cowboys’ choice of CeeDee Lamb was a painful reminder that, yes, he’s from Texas and, no, he was not a Longhorn. Ugh. My main takeaway from the draft is that Jerry Jones and Kliff Kingsbury flexed their locales the best, and Bruce Arians looked pretty comfortable in the kitchen of his Florida duplex.

● The strange circumstances of not being able to “cover” spring football practice has meant that all Tom Herman media availabilities have been done via Zoom/conference call or radio shows. I’ve seen Herman in this unique type of media “presentation” and if you’d allow me, I’d like to play very amateur psychologist for a few sentences. Herman seems extremely relaxed, and I’m using his recent 60 minute-plus visit with our own Joe Cook as a great example of such. The coach gave Joe a tour of his “recruit room” with photos, game tables, televisions, etc. I’ve heard him on radio shows also, and he’s talking about his daughter’s boyfriend and playing board games with his kids – far cry from seeing him standing behind a podium trying to explain a bad Baylor game. Refreshingly, he’s become someone I’d like to drink a beer with, which is also, by the way, my main criteria when I decide who gets my vote for president. Another observation: our own Joe Cook makes me sick. At my age, I get annoyed by young, good-looking people with hair. Even though I’ve worked with him here at Inside Texas for a good while now, I never knew he was actually only 12 years old. Enjoy puberty when it hits, Joe.

● The first episodes of the Chicago Bulls documentary were great TV, and somewhat enlightening. I think the virtual demonizing of Jerry Krause was a little much – he’s a basketball hall of famer, and deservedly so. He built the Bulls and made many, many decisions that helped Michael Jordan win championships, which of course helped him pile up money. Krause was booed passionately by Bulls’ fans, many of whom undoubtedly attended championship parades which, without the existence of Krause, might never have happened. Jordan is the best player who ever played, is a calculating businessman and was, in his playing days, extremely petty with Krause. He also was ridiculous to complain about Scottie Pippen’s surgery, considering that he (Jordan) was getting paid, literally, 10 times more than his cohort. To be fair, Krause should’ve handled things better personally, and definitely should’ve pushed to get Scottie Pippen’s contract restructured.

● The pandemic has reached the “we have a day trading thread on our Inside Texas members page” level. What world am I living in?