Burton: The bomb CFB needed went off

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In case you didn’t notice, the bomb that college football needed exploded yesterday.

On the heels of the 9-0 Supreme Court decision announced two weeks ago allowing a scholarship sports player to earn money from his or her “Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL),” the intentions of Texas and Oklahoma to play ball in the SEC have been laid bare.

Why the SEC, why the change of heart from years back?

The major negative that most Texas power brokers saw with the SEC a decade ago – and what Mack Brown argued against for ever going to the SEC – has been all but eliminated because of the NIL. Mack also espoused the virtue of an easier path to the college football playoff, something some writers still seem to be too keen on.

As for the impact of the NIL, why should Texas fret about alleged or rumored under the table payouts to players when the most valuable payouts can now be made entirely above board?

But there is more than just one facet to this story.

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