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Recruiting: The 2022 Inside Texas Covet List

We’re factoring supply and demand considerations against program need. The 2022 cycle is loaded with elite talent, but linebacker, per the usual, is a bit thin at the top with one prospect head and shoulders above the rest. Also, for the second year in a row, corner isn’t as deep as it has been in the past. That will increase the frenzy for a certain North Shore athlete.

2020 UTEP Post-Mortem: Offense

That was really fun, even factoring in my many disclaimers about about UTEP's quality. How badly Texas beat a bad team doesn't really matter. What mattered was how Texas did it. Over the last few years, this is the kind of team the Longhorns would have screwed around with for three quarters before wearing them down and pulling away late 42-17. It would have been 14-10 or some bull**** in the mid-2nd quarter until an Ehlinger 2:00 minute drill made it 21-10 going into the half.