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Stream of Consci__sness: Team thoughts, stats, and recruiting

Two games in. Limited data set? Very, but I think it's okay to read into it a little. Notre Dame will approximate the high end of UT's competition, UTEP will do the same for the low end. As some have concerns over the upcoming road trip, and, GASP!, the 9:30 (Texas time) start, I'm unconcerned. This is a much better prepared team.
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Big classes are the new normal

Conventional wisdom has the 2017 class below 20, especially after Texas extended a life raft to the four Baylor signees. That's not necessarily the case and we think the class will finish somewhere in the low 20's. The only way yearly large classes work is through attrition; lots of it. Turnover might not be good for many business models, but in college recruiting its how you keep the depth chart competitive.
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The Inside Scoop – 7/11/16

For a long time we've discussed flip-flopping the Humidor and Inside Scoop. With the Humidor posted last Friday and Justin and I just returning from Oregon, we feel now is the time to do it. The reasoning is quite simple, the Humidor builds up better to games than the Scoop does, and we'd prefer to contact kids and sources on the weekend rather than during the week, especially during the school year.
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Inside Scoop – 10/16/15

UT's bye week was anything but slow when Strong and the staff amped up recruiting with two big commits this week. We talk to one of them, along with Marvin Wilson, Jordan Elliott, JK Dobbins, and Brandon Jones. We check in on Manvel HS and also catch up to Collin Johnson about officially become a Longhorn and get the latest from Shaka on the hardwood. There's no bye weeks in the Scoop.