Coach V’s Grades – Baylor

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It’s only fair that I admit it’s getting extremely difficult to stomach watching much less grading this sad mess that we call our football program these days. It doesn’t really matter to what extent changes are made to finish this season but if the powers that be think staying the same course and work harder is the answer we might as well forfeit the last two and rest up for spring football.

The most unorganized offense I had seen prior to yesterday was our 9th grade “D” team the year we had 150 kiddo’s come out for football. We had a severe shortage of coaches and time to do right by them but we settled on two formations and three plays to each side (strong and weak) with one passing play. We didn’t win any style points but that bunch of rag-knots got to the point where they never busted an assignment. It wasn’t pretty but that bunch won 5 games and most felt so good about themselves they came back for 10th grade sophomore “B” team.

We have too many plays where the guard thinks the tackle will pick up the defender and neither will put a hat on him. We have too many plays where the “read on the run” routes are busted and we wind up without a structured option available for the QB. We run a zone read option where the QB turns and watches the RB without carrying out any part of a fake keep to hold defenders. In other words, we do one helluva lot of disorganized actions that seldom add up to a successful looking organized plan.

I think it only fair to mention most of the individual players played hard on most downs but must add that very little passion was observed. It was more like going through the motions without any specific goal in mind. We just made too many mental errors and just as many physical mistakes. We don’t call plays that build off of each other. We also don’t do our blockers any favors with our predictability play-calling.

Here are the grades:








26—Ingram—pass +









We need to find a way to all pull from the same end of the rope. We waste too many honest efforts and the discouragement is winning the war. We definitely need the help of the staff. I’m thankful I never had that problem. We might not have been the best staffs ever but we were sound in plan and application. We were firm but fair. We were never “married” to a system—we built our system to fit the strengths of our kiddo’s. Best of all we all had fun and it showed. I don’t see much of this on Saturdays with this program.

I just don’t understand what the hell goes into our thinking under this yahoo disguising our defensive plan of attack. I have been critical for the biggest part of three years but yesterday broke my competitive spirit. Baylor lined up in a tight wing and we aligned our DL strength away from the wing and all DB’s off the LOS. We had a 4i for our last man on the LOS. He was outflanked by the OT, LOS–TE, and Wing. Baylor found that nugget too good to pass up and was untouched till he had a good head of steam built up—in fact, they liked it so much they did it a few more times and we obliged by adjusting the same unsound way.

I know, one riot, one Ranger but this yahoo actually believes he can out-think the offensive play-caller with masterful match-up calls but forgets defenses need to start the play with sound alignment and sound responsibilities. It’s getting very tiresome for this old “hoot” to watch offenses carve his ass up because he won’t or doesn’t think assigning responsibilities is as important as “learning” where to blitz from or to be able to recite (in his language) the exact terms he taught from.

We had effort. I wish I could say our angle problems have been improved but yesterday was as poor as we have had. We managed to commit about the same number of missed tackles as usual. We still don’t play smart football either. We don’t react instinctively nor do we exhibit fundamentals of the game. We are still learning exactly how deep we need to blitz from so that we won’t factor in making a play.

We have guys that play the game the right way. They just need direction and a fair chance to be successful. We have basically schemed our two 4’s out of any chance of making a difference. Occupying blockers in order to free up LB’s to be active is canceled when both LB’s are statues long enough for the combo block to come off and pin or drive them into oblivion. We seldom steer the ball back into our noses who are actually good players.

Since we decided “coaching” LB techniques is over-rated we sacrifice them often by blitzing them with mugs and crosses. The sad part of that is we don’t come off the edge with our best edge stunter (Ossai) but instead run him right into a 300 pound biscuit eater at guard. We average about one sack a game from this strategy but considering we use it about 25 to 50 times a game it doesn’t have the shaving effect desired in this armchair.

Our secondary is full of five stars that aren’t even close to playing five star football. They have to learn all the exotic alignments and blitzes before they can qualify for scrimmage action. Has anybody not figured out that we like to blitz our DB’s—we even found a way to assign Ojomo manning up a flat route yesterday. This enables us to get maximum coverage out of our need to match call with our ringmaster slyly out-thinking their two step ahead approach.

Here are the grades:







23—McCulloch—borderline –


32—Roach—borderline –


38—Boyce—borderline –


40—Adeoye—borderline –



46—Ossai—borderline –

49—Graham—borderline –






Both sides of the ball need change in the worst way. The defense needs a new voice and direction. It’s amazing how much different I see the personnel on hand from the present staff.

Both inside backers are not productive in those positions. Ossai and Vaughns should be edge players. Overshown should be a deep MLB running both alleys from inside out. We need a straight running plugger as a middle backer in front of Overshown. Chris Brown is a second level player—either deep MLB or edge safety. Roach can play both SDE and a 3 technique. Graham, Ojomo, Sweat, and Coburn are inside techs (3 and 1). Bimage is a SDE or MLB plug.

Jones and Sterns are flexible safeties with the ability to accept several different assignments or responsibilities. The corners need situational guidance in the worst way. They are better football players than they are producing. We need to see if they will accept the challenge of playing both the island and active zone. Every DB needs a crash course on fighting for the thrown ball without reservations—intelligent interference calls should just be part of the job.

Rant over.