Coach V’s Grades – Kansas

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It’s fun to watch our guys make plays. When you score half a hundred it stands to reason we must have played pretty damn well and we did. The best part for me was we had guys picking up other guys when we fell a little short of positive execution. Four turnovers (interception, fumble, and two 4th down blunders) usually spells hello loss column but we overcame because players made plays down the stretch. Here are the grades:

1—Burt—pass—not many snaps.














News flash—Duvernay (6) finally dropped one—Collin (9) took the pressure off by dropping his one of his own.

Sam (11) had about three total bad plays (oskie—two bad zone reads) in addition to about 475 yards his own sweet self.

Brewer (80) had outstanding efforts in the receiving department but it was his effort on the Smith fumble and the tackle on Sam’s one interception that stood out equally as important.

Ingram (26) had a big day running the pigskin but one needs to watch his two pass blocks in the 4th quarter to really appreciate his contribution. The long td pass to DD (6) never happens without a superior effort on 26’s part plus a stoner against another blitz.

Sam (52) wasn’t quite himself after getting doubled over (1st quarter) on a scramble. He was just good after that play.

Kerstetter (68) was the best OL this week. Nice rebound after last week.

Shack (56) fought the good fight but lost a couple of small battles.

Braun (73) lost one pass pro to a stunt but is our best pulling sealer.

Angilau (75) had a penalty and only two bad plays in a solid performance.

Jake (16) had another td catch but fell victim to a hit on the button that caused a fumble.

I think we punted once but the four turnovers offset that good news.

We might need to reconsider our short yardage play selection. We may have overstayed our welcome calling the QB (position) power—hint.

TCU—you’re up sport.

There are 5,742 guitar pickers in Nashville. We tried to match that number with our blitz packages but fell short due to time constraints. It’s extremely painful watching this defense go thru the motions. They say you get better as the season progresses. You could fool me. They say we are young and inexperienced. I saw really quality things from our kiddos. It was our lettermen that failed to produce winning efforts. This defense made fundamental mistakes, very poor decisions, and in one case a substandard lack of effort. Here are the grades:





















Ossai (46) is our best defensive player right now. He has several alignments and responsibilities in this ever-changing defense. It’s a shame rushing the passer is one of his most limited roles because he’s a difference maker in that capacity.

Vaughns (50) got his big chance this week and with just a few rookie mistakes he played very well. His pursuit to the ball and willingness to strike a lick for justice was duly noted. Vaughns qualifies for the after OU he’s suddenly ready to play award.

Cook (4) played well and made two super plays.

Jamison (5) played decent but fell victim to the no fair catch kickoff rule—he almost made the 12. The extra point return was sweet.

Mitchell (6) missed the first half and did make a couple of nice plays in the second. He’s not a fundamental player but plays semi-well when you blitz him with zero read.

Gbenda (33) runs well but he can’t determine come here from sic ’em yet.

Jones (19) has too much responsibility to play instinctively. He’s a solid player that is anchored down with directing traffic with beginning drivers all around him.

Foster (25) needs to burn this film and start again from scratch. I think it’s safe to say he needs to be near or on the LOS for now. He needs to be an old time Will backer that plays behind a reduced front to keep blockers from attacking him.

Overshown (31) will certainly strike you but his coverage skills were exposed on the GL.

Roach (32) missed half but probably made the play of the game with his Extra point block and resulting two point return. Margin of victory and all that.

Boyce (38) had two nice plays in a limited role.

Estell (39) busted a red zone coverage. He appears to be overly cautious trying to not make mistakes. Aggressive would help him.

Adeoye (40) had a really solid game. He looked the part of a LB several times. I think he played too many snaps and ran smooth out of gas—not his fault.

Bimage (42) did well in his first start. He had two bread-winner plays and good leadership.

Ossai (46) does everything but lock the door for this defense. I wish we had 10 more just like Joe.

Graham (49) holds the LOS well but doesn’t make many plays. Roach said TQ made the kick block possible—that’s good.

Chisholm (91) had a good play in limited snaps.

Sweat (93) is coming on strong. He has ability but it’s still growing.

Ojomo (98) made three five star plays at the nose. This guy is good with outstanding talent. He’s fun to watch.

Coburn (99) is still the brick wall at the LOS. He would make more plays if we actually contained the ball more often. He hits and slides with the best of them.

Did anyone else scratch their head when we aligned 3 on 2 (GL) and all three covered the out route but none thought about covering inside curl on 4th down. Do we actually assign responsibilities or do we play by the seat of our pants in that situation? Do we have the “him” rule—like I got him and you got the other him?

I didn’t have the heart to count the number of blitzes we dialed up but I can tell you we got exactly one sack (Overshown) out of that strategy. I realize we got numerous “hurries” but the problem with counting those is they completed most of those anyway.

I can say we still haven’t decided to assign the QB keep to our defensive strategy. Kansas decided to call our bluff and try it on short yardage just in case we hadn’t corrected that flaw. Maybe this week we challenge the QB in short yardage.

I guess TCU will be the next to parade Tom Brady out to slice and dice our “new” plan. I see he’s (TCU’s QB) fresh out of high school so we might bait him into a bad play or two. He’s probably never seen blitzes from the outfield. That will change.