Coach V’s Grades – Oklahoma State

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This group is fun to watch period. They give maximum effort and really seem to enjoy playing the game. It starts with an experienced QB that seldom makes a bad decision and backs that up with deadly accuracy and a gifted style of running. Mix in two determined RB’s and you have the start of a ground game. It helps to have a speed receiver producing every week but the bread and butter guy is a slot that is money in the bank. The best of all wishes came true in the form of an athletic offensive line (plus one—TE) that wins a huge majority of the individual battles and takes pride in producing and protecting. Genuine pleasure watching this bunch winning and having fun. Here are the grades:
















My hat’s off to our center (56—Shack)—playing that well having not practiced all week is pure gold.

Watching Cosmi (52) and Braun (73) bury defenders on counter pulls is poetry in motion. I don’t believe Braun will shirt since we may need him for another few months.

Junior (75) and Derek K (68) may still be rough around the edges but both play with a passion.

Brewer (80) played his best game this season—good sound blocks and two sweet catches.

Duvernay (6) is the best surprise of the early part of the season. Who knew he was that big of a weapon?

We miss Collin (9) bad.

Ingram (26) had his best game of the year. That run after the catch was sweetness. Terrific paired with RJ (2).

Roshon (2) will stick a knife in a dead man with his slashing style of sticking the ball into the first opening he sees.

Burt (1) needs to finish his routes but at least he stays after his blocking.

Epps (85) needs to learn that the game includes getting down and dirty. His effort on Sam’s interception won’t cut the mustard. Neither will his effort against press nor the lack of finishing his routes full speed. The on-sides kick wasn’t his best effort either—get on the ground for that loose ball or buy a ticket to the game.

Jake (16) played very well until he flat dropped the punt. We have two quality slots.

Sam (11) is still the leader of the pack. We don’t appreciate him enough for the little things he makes look easy—and they are not easy.

We played extremely well. We need the off week to heal up. Have a good off week.

I think the important fact to remember while reading this opinion is that we just faced three outstanding offensive players that are going to make quality defensive players look bad on occasion. That said, we missed nine million tackles, five very defendable passes, and need to at least appear to have attended class on angles, past and present. We either defend the hell out of the edge or give it up without a single bullet being fired. Our way of defensive life is either hero/asshole too often. We must become more consistent and limit the major breakdowns if we are to win this conference. Here are the grades:























We have two outstanding nose tackles. Coburn (99) just destroys the middle (GL cause fumble) and with a hair more quickness will make life miserable for future opponents. Ojomo (98) is a future star in the making. Watch the play (4:35 first Q—ball on 20) if you want proof that I’m not crazy.

Graham (49) had his best game this season.

Roach (32) plays too many snaps to grade extremely high but once you see him make the big plays (GL—4th down) he makes you understand why we over tax him. I love Mal Roach’s game—he’s a winner.

Sweat (93), Chisholm (91), and Jones (36) gave good do your job downs. Bimage (42) had good plays but was too aggressive with one tackle. Penalty hurts team.

Ossai (46) made many good plays but playing too many snaps cost him too many missed tackles and poor angles.

McCulloch (23) did not play well period. It’s best if we just move on and forget this one.

Mitchell (6) played good enough to win. His best play was a GL tackle on the QB to force a FG. He just needs experience cause he has talent out the caboose.

Adeoyle (40) had a few good plays but being driven back into the end zone on GL wasn’t his best effort.

Green (3) had his best game until he hurt a shoulder. Proud of his effort.

Cook (4) gave up the sideline against a WR block—ALL our corners give up the boundary by not fighting outside against stalk blocks by the WR’s.

Jamison (5) had his best game also but missed too many tackles.

Sterns (7) made more bad plays than normal. Injured and never returned.

Adimora (11) made two big plays in his first major role of the season. He may be a savior before it’s all said and done.

Brown (15) made several great plays but he also missed too many first chance tackles.

Jones (19) had his best game of the season. I would hate to think where we might be without Brandon Jones moving to nickel where he has saved our bacon more times than I care to recall. Then there is the last punt so his one aw crap was a big one.

Thompson (29) didn’t play well—then injury cost him a second chance.

Boyce (38) made a couple of plays but his effort against the run needs fine tuning.

Estell (39) just might be the unsung hero of the night. The oskie (interception) was sweet but he also made many tackles, some of which were outstanding efforts. I must admit he started slow and was caught flat-footed but rebounded nicely and found his stride.

I still wish our corners would turn the ball back to the field when they are being blocked on the outside. We shouldn’t give up contain that easy.

I still wish we would change our alignments on third downs (instead of blitzing) and play contained pass rush from actual edge rushers—especially against mobile QB’s like Sanders. Giving up the edge has cost us more big plays this season than any other technique. Sad to us old-timers.

I wish I knew exactly what our LB’s are being taught concerning pass defense. They are very inconsistent in their assignments—especially when they aren’t blitzing or dropping.

We finally broke up one long pass but we still lost sight of the ball at least twice. Our ball skills (DB’s) don’t exactly match up with their four/five star ratings.

We need the off week bad. Time to mend up. Hope we get most of our walking wounded back in time to see action before we catch them damn land robbers.