Coach V’s grades: Texas 28 OSU 7

Josh Turner. (Justin Wells/IT)
Josh Turner. (Justin Wells/IT)

Texas toppled the Cowboys of Oklahoma State on Saturday night. Coach Venable grades the players. Looks like the Longhorns have been studying.


UT held the ball on the Cowboys because they didn’t have anything close to our front six — thank goodness. If the Horns could only learn how to save their timeouts by getting the ball snapped on time — rumor on the street is they may actually need those timeouts late in a close game. Texas played better as a whole than individually


24 of 33 for 305 yards—2 td’s—poor fundamentals on fake (bump fumble) play action—good throw post—good throw post corner (td)—good throw curl—poor throw screen—good throw slant (2)—sacked himself on fumble—good throw GL—sacked himself not recognizing corner blitz.


15 runs for 31 yards—one catch for 11 yards—runs over defender on power—good run sweep—good block sprintout—good blitz pickup—good run off the GL—picked up 1st downs 3 times on 3rd down.


16 runs for 81 yards—td—3 catches for 35 yards—good run outside zone—good catch run on swing—good run trap—GRZone—bad bounce outside on GL (tfl)—two third down runs resulted in first downs—showed more speed again this week.


GB lead—missed block power—GB lead GL pin/pull (td)—BRB—good block lead—BRB (lead)—good block lead.


2 runs 16 yards—1 catch for (-5)—good run jet reverse—bad decision on jet pass catch run (get what you can without giving ground).


1 catch for 17 yards (important 1st down coming off GL)—great block jet flip (pass)—two missed motion blocks (replacing Shipley)—GB sweep—good 3rd down catch curl—effort more dedicated this week but isn’t available too often in the passing game.


4 catches for 33 yards—MB zone—good catch run on slant—good block swing—injured just before half and didn’t return.


9 catches for 117 yards—one td—great blocks on three swing passes—great crack block on power—good post-corner route for td—good catch/run slant—good catch curl—good catch sprintout—good catch on jump ball—we aren’t in a bowl game without John Harris.


2 catches for 74 yards—one td—good catch corner route for 1st down—1 terrific kickoff return and one ugly return—good adjustment catch on post route for td.


great block power—GB sweep—great block counter—great block jet—great block (pin/pull) td run—GB power—great block jet flip—GB lead—BRB pin pull—GB sweep.


one catch for 4 yards—good 3rd down catch/run for first—great block jet—GB zone—BRB sweep.


GB zone—GB sprintout.


GB zone—GB td—BRB zone—GB trap—GB zone—GB GL—holding penalty—BRB draw—GB lead—GB zone—GB draw.


great block lead—good pull block counter—great pull (seal) block—BRB draw—False start—BPB—GB lead—GB in space on swing—-good block draw—False start—good block GL.


good block zone—GB jet—BRB draw—BRB zone—terrific block zone—GB zone—GB zone—BRB trap—GB draw—GB GL—GB pin/pull—great snaps.


GB counter—GB GL—GB zone—great block td run (pull and knock two to the ground)—chop block penalty—GB trap—GB zone—GB zone—GB draw.


GB zone—GB zone—BRB zone—False start—BRB zone—GB lead—GB draw—BRB zone—false start—GB zone—GB GL—GB zone—great block in space on swing pass—formation penalty (in backfield)—GB lead.

33 Foreman had two runs—one good and one bounce off the GL.

11 Warrick had two catches for 19 yards—one good block on swing pass—nice hands catch on out route.


Texas at Oklahoma State. (Justin Wells/IT)
Texas at Oklahoma State. (Justin Wells/IT)

29 defensive plays in the first three quarters — some didn’t even earn their letters today. Stats are low but grades are high.


2 tackles—sack—GTzone—nice sack after flush courtesy of Mr. Brown.


2 tackles—tfl—sack—GTZone—blocked on draw—nice sack with the DT’s.


1 tackle—tfl—sack from flush courtesy of Poona Ford.


2 tackle—tfl—sack—sack after Ford flush.


5 tackles—2 tfl’s—2 sacks—FF—GTZone—great sack after splitting double—MT draw—QB flush that led to sack—GT screen—strip fumble in red zone.


4 tackles—tfl—sack—big time sack—big hit screen—Good hustle tackle zone—great flush (QB) after splitting double—big hit QBH.


3 tackles—2tfl’s—sack—good tfl zone—GTZone—good sack after flush by 90.


2 tackles—GT draw—QB flush produced sack—nice sack with 93 and 40.


4 tackles—2 tfl’s—good cleanup sack—great tackle draw—bad read on long run coming off their GL—GT draw—pickings were slim this week.


5 tackles—tfl—GT bootleg—GOFT crossing route—GT sweep—GT swing—GOFT out route—GTZone.


2 tackles—GTzone—GT QB scramble.


6 tackles—great OFT swing—GOFT swing—GT screen—poor edge stunt (didn’t cause wreck but had opportunity)—MT.

Quandre Diggs. (Justin Wells/IT)
Quandre Diggs. (Justin Wells/IT)


5 tackles—GOFT draw—GOFT sweep—GOFT kickoff—good coverage.


5 tackles—MT (kickoff)—lost contain—GOFT—GOFT.


5 tackles—FR—Interception—GTZone—GOFT sweep—Int. at half—GT sweep—MT GL sweep—good PBU on curl—blocked on screen.


3 tackles—big hit draw—GOFT—GT sweep—needs to provide tougher contain on GL—MT crossing route.

33 (Foreman) had a kickoff tackle.

84 (Joe) had a kickoff tackle.

26 (Colbert) had MT on punt.

15 (Echols) had one terrific cover on punt down on one yard line.

19 (Jinkins) was hook blocked on GL on td sweep.