Coach V’s Grades: Texas 40, KSU 34 (2OT)

Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)
Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)

The offense found a rhythm, the defense continued its solid play. Add those to a budding young QB, and Texas beat K-State and moved to 2-0 in the big 12 for the first time since 2013.

One thing that was evident to the curious eye was just how hard the offensive personnel played in response to the amount of praise given to our defense week after week. You get damn tired of hearing how your side of the ball is holding the team back from winning each week. We found eleven that decided to claw and bite. We didn’t play super but we did gut-check their bunch with effort and attitude. The offense deserved to win. We should have won in regulation but we still can’t guarantee kicking a cheapie half way through the season. Change is needed.

It was a genuine pleasure to watch the OL play athletically with passion and effort. The two young’uns can stand up and be proud today—they may not fit the computer qualifications for OT’s but they didn’t let that get in their way. They played well overall.

You just never know about a player until you see him under fire. Terrell Cuney has spent his entire UT career as a backup that occasionally got a couple of snaps in mop up time but never with the big prize on the line. Well, the athletic agile played the game like it’s supposed to be played. His snaps were on the money. His footwork (combination of Fred Astaire and James Brown) paraded into perfect body position time after time. You just never know—go figure.

The two guards had too many misfires (whiffs) for seasoned veterans. Patrick had protection problems. Jake didn’t play well—he had several complete whiffs along with too many inconsistent loss of contact blocks on his dance card.

Cade Brewer is a winner—he might not be a beast yet but you get his best effort every snap.

Toneil Carter injects speed into our backfield. He needs the ball more—ground and receiving.

Chris Warren found the ability to block—that’s what the pine does to you if you are a competitor.

Sam Ehlinger refuses to lose—he might run out of time but losing isn’t in his DNA. He played well overall.

The receivers are our strongest group every week. They catch and run. They block most of the time. Burt and Foreman weren’t visible this week. Here are the grades:



7—Buechele—A- on the clipboard and headset___(Pass)

















Dallas next week—physical sounds good to me.

Malik Jefferson taking down Wildcats (Will Gallagher/IT)
Malik Jefferson taking down Wildcats (Will Gallagher/IT)


We played with intensity on defense again this week. Coach challenged our team to be physical because we knew the Wildcats of coach Snyder would show up for a street fight. We gave just as many bloody noses as we received. We had two major problems again last night. Effort is not a problem until we get too many snaps condensed into a short span of time. We must rely on backups in the rotation. We did a poor job of circulation in the third quarter and it cost us against their backup QB.

It definitely hurt not having Chris Nelson available. Poona Ford received a precious few snaps from Wilbon but it should have been more. Charles Omenihu played almost every play—Malcolm Roach was dealt the same hand. Graham had a few snaps in the third quarter but it needs to be more. Hughes definitely needs to share snaps with McCulloch—Naashon is more consistent avoiding big mistakes but Jeffery makes more plays.

Malik Jefferson and Anthony Wheeler went brain dead in the third quarter. Gary Johnson played very well in limited snaps—he needs to play a series each quarter in order to keep those two fresh. Wheeler played well on first movement reactions but reverted back to his drifting ways on slow reads. It also time to admit the Wheel can’t give underneath help in the seam.

Missed assignments in our back five is killing our defensive strategy. Our captain and nickel still doesn’t understand contain and his coverage techniques are hard to explain. Add two pancakes against his edge stunts and one might wonder if it’s time to make a change—we are getting multiple mistakes and spit production from this position and it’s not getting any better.

Both corners had a couple of yuks but overall they did a decent job in a high risk job. Davis gave us a few snaps but needs to play more at both positions. We ask a ton out of our corners while we blitz most every down. It’s great when we get there or hurry the throw but when they pick us up those guys have a rough row to hoe.

Both safeties are playing well despite missing at least one tackle every game and John Bonney always gives us steady play when he enters the fray.

We have too many “missed assignments” throughout the three levels on defense. We aren’t depending on rotation keeping us fresh in crunch time. We need to fix both of these. It would be a different story if our backups weren’t capable of providing winning efforts but they have been steady to say the least. OU will tempo our bunch to death if we don’t change our substitution patterns.

Here are the grades:


















Get your ankles taped early—it’s OU week.