Coach V’s Grades: Texas-ISU

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Our Coach Venable grades the Longhorns each week and after a close loss to Iowa State on Saturday, some players and coaches might be headed to summer school.


I guess somebody somewhere understands our offensive strategy but it’s sure not me. I can tell you that we continue to prove we’ve worn out our welcome for the QB power as our go-to short yardage desperation. I just didn’t realize until yesterday that we decided to prove it twice in succession and once again in each half including first down when we needed to run three minutes off the clock.

I might have mentioned a few times how maybe a new voice calling plays might give this offense new direction but I’m now firmly convinced this head coach will never allow his influence reduced in any form or fashion. Despite the absolute time shortage spent study planning we are going to be a shoot from the hip operation as long as this guy is calling the shots. Career play-calling coaches will continue to take his ass to the cleaners because they can anticipate with documented proof just how predictable he calls the game. Here are the grades:















15—Washington, 16 Smith, and 18 Wiley did not play enough plays to grade.

Duvernay (6) is our best player and our most consistent.

Ehlinger (11) had too many off target throws to grade a plus.

The collective OLine (plus 81 Leitao) played handicapped because of our refusal to run the damn ball—balancing the thought pattern for the defense helps put doubt in minds. We give up on the run when one play doesn’t score like it’s drawn up on the chalkboard.

Burt (1) and Epps (85) are not exactly weapons and positively lack effort in blocking phase of the game. We are in deep trouble when Collin doesn’t play.

Both RB’s Ingram (26) and Johnson (2) had too many slips and trips but gave solid effort.

It might be time to kick Kerstetter (68) back out to RT and bring another guard into the game. Just an opinion but it appears to me we are losing ground at two positions (RG and RT) by moving Derek out of his comfort zone (RT).

The best I can say about this offensive is they played hard—not well but hard. They better stay hooked up cause Baylor has something to play for and will get after our ass.  


This defense played hard. They had a very poor opening drive. They gave up a long td pass when one defender forget it was man and his safety forgot he was responsible for the deep half. In between they gave up three field goals. That’s 23 points and in this league that should spell win. We should not overlook that fact.

We decided to blitz the QB. Bet they never saw that coming. There was seldom a play when one or both LB’s blitzed. I guess that’s the best option when you can’t or won’t teach them how to play LB. Iowa State damn sure teaches LB’s. See if you notice any difference between the the way they play the position.

We have some guys that are selling out their bodies for the greater good. Talk about taking one for the team. If they were instructed in basic fundamentals we would have something to talk about. We take some of the most difficult to succeed routes know to man and still get a job done. It’s a shame on this side of the ball—we don’t play smart and it’s not entirely their fault. Here are the grades:



















Sterns, Overshown, Foster, Jones, Roach, Ojomo, and Coburn played like warriors despite making fundamental errors along the way.

Overshown would have several more tackles if we had just contained (turned the ball back to pursuit) but he still took a few bad angles.

Sterns showed he’s not 100% but he stabbed the ball without giving ground.

Jones will hustle all out and save our bacon along the way but still got lost on the long td pass.

Foster played well early but might be injured again. I truly believe he will be a terrific player once we give him a single position and not 85 different alignments, stunts, coverages, and responsibilities.

Coburn and Ojomo are quality inside guys that would have bigger impacts on the game if they weren’t ask to eat blocks to free our non -existent LB’s to make plays. Sweat belongs in the same breath.

Roach made the worst mistake of all by jumping offsides on the first field goal but was steady with a couple of big plays.

Ossai and Mitchell are completely lost at inside backers. They are Shultz—-they know nothing, they see nothing. they react to nothing. Solution—blitz both every down. Problem is this eliminates second level pursuit but keeps them from looking totally clueless.

Boyce gives up contain every time. Jamison ducks his head back inside and then gives up the boundary. Green plays that well but lacks good judgement in other areas. Cook was solid until injured. Watson made a tackle in coverage.

Baylor and Brewer will give us all we want next week. It would be nice if Mims could rest another week but I wouldn’t count on it.

Teams headed in opposite directions and we are the one headed south. Buckle up—they won’t take any prisoners.