Coach V’s Grades: Texas-KSU

The Eyes of Texas (Will Gallagher/IT)
The Eyes of Texas (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas did what it needed to do in Manhattan on Saturday with a 19-14 win. It was the first victory over Kansas State at Bill Snyder Family Stadium since 2002 and its first 4-game winning streak since 2013. The grades are in. 


UT scored on a 90 yard punt return with mostly defensive players on that unit, including the returner who is about one more jet loss away from the nickel position he was recruited to play. We scored a safety with our defensive pass rush. We missed another field goal in a disturbing pattern that’s forming.

We threw backwards. We threw sideways. We threw three times deep and one of those was from one of our star receivers (it was the closest to being completed by about the size of a 7-11 parking lot). We never really scratched the surface on short or long division as we concentrated on vanilla with a limited staff on hand. Makes one wonder if our creative mind was stuck in the hospital back home. Who knows?

Penalties killed drives. It’s the type of penalty that raises concern. Getting a blocking in the back call in space is hard to digest. Don’t we teach that the big numbers are on the back of the jersey? Getting a peel back penalty way behind the ball is selfish satisfaction. 47 and 56 are veterans and should know better.

We also killed a drive with a jet sweep that held the loss to a meager 15 yards when our nickel prospect decided he could give ground and outrun these D1 athletes. Chalk that one up to not in this lifetime.

Our punt team blocking/scheme is a frigging comedy. One blocked—two hurried. Somebody better become concerned and fix this before we lose a game to stupidity. I strongly question whether 47 and 45 are the best blocking personal protectors available—I know neither are strong decision makers in their primary roles of TE and LB.

We played offense not to lose yesterday. That’s the best I’m willing to concede. We won. We won on the road. That’s tough to do when you don’t attack down the field against weaker athletes. It’s hard to drive the field with base when you commit unforced penalties to get off schedule. We could have thrown successfully to 9 and 84 till the cows come home. It’s criminal not to throw deep to 6 at least once a half. Did I mention we won on the road?

Here are the grades:


















Notes that need mentioning….

Heard (13) turned defender to break up interception on 84’s pass.

Young (32) whiffed on GL pass block—another example of why you need the Porters (21) on the team.

Ingram is the real deal—both 26 and 5 need to take what’s given when the situation looks dire.

Moore (14) has youthful talent.

Johnson (9) and Humphrey (84) are becoming complete football players before our eyes.

We came back to earth with our OL-TE yesterday. KSt just doesn’t maker mistakes defensively and we proved the fish were biting yesterday.

Sam (11) drove the bus very well yesterday. Zero turnovers but there were two definite scares and three questionable decisions mixed in with the atta-a-boys.

Please eliminate that damn “speed” option from our call list. Three slow steps and a pitch to an unarmed RB is basically serving his ass up for a big hit that could have been prevented. Who the hell coaches this play without making the unblocked defender (DE) take the QB? I doubt Colt thinks it’s a good call either.

Charles Omenihu (Will Gallagher/IT)
Charles Omenihu (Will Gallagher/IT)


I think most will agree we have the edge in football talent with our DB’s than KSt. has with their receivers and QB’s. I doubt their first QB could play QB for very many offenses in college today—the second QB at least threw spirals. I kept thinking we would rush three with a quality spy and make him beat us with his (their) arm.

Never happened. We blitzed till the world looked level. Every third down in the second half. We had zero underneath coverage to help on slants and stops that produced first down after first down. We never wised up. Our blitz packages were blocked much better then the results behind them produced. We made fewer big plays than we gave up but yet we remained steadfast in our use of said strategy.

Sometimes less is more in this game. Sometimes bringing one and dropping seven is the best alternative. We brought the ranch. We got burned more than we ambushed their attack. KSt’s passing attack isn’t in the same time zone as OU’s and they are up next. If we insist in creating either turnovers or td’s with all-out blitzes we might need a new scoreboard in the Cotton bowl to accommodate triple figures.

We won and that’s the bottom line. It was ugly. We could have lost just as easily.

Here are the grades:
















Beat OU.

Notes that deserve mention:

Omenihu is establishing a consistent performance each week that is refreshing. He good.

Graham (49) had two offsides and that is punishable by the highest order after practice.

Nelson (97) and Wilbon (94) are controlling the LOS but are falling a little short of the Poona’s disruption behind the LOS.

Johnson (33) is a better spy than inside blitzer.

Wheeler (45) needs to be replaced on off scheduled downs. He’s a basic statue in coverage.

Boyd must have been saving it up for OU next week because he mailed it in this week.

Cook (4) had a terrific block on the return td.

Locke (11) was beaten badly on GL coverage—lucky the TE dropped the ball.

Davis (18) had a poor call on his pass interference.

We miss BJ Foster (25) bad. Brown (15) just isn’t the enforcer that BJ offers and Locke (11) is just not a good decision maker at all.

Qssai (46) had a good kickoff tackle.

Thompson (29) is one fast mother scooter—he needs to get more reps for underperforming starters.

By the way—beat OU.