Coach V’s Grades: Texas-KU

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

DEFENSE — Just when you think you have seen or heard it all the game presents another surprise that you hadn’t even considered—I saw/heard my first “backward pass” on a 4th down QB sneak. The English language was extremely hard on our referee—so was calling the game.

Continuing with good/bad observations on the defensive side before the grades.

Strongly agree with Scipio about 44 Vasser on the kickoff tackles—two big hits in the open field (although not sure either were better than the one last week) but he’s a genuine pleasure to watch and deserves my praise again this week.

I hope you get to watch 94 Wilbon in his first starting assignment. He made plays and his block on 4’s fumble recovery was a big time decleater. We can also thank him for a tremendous penetration on the 4th and short stop in the final quarter. We have younger guys coming on big time.

There should be no doubt that 4 Elliott belongs on the field fulltime. Big hits are his calling card but he finds ways to make plays even when he might not be sure of his assignment. It’s a genuine pleasure to watch DeShon run a edge stunt—he attacks the ball with much more authority than our other guys.

I believe 23 Shark was ejected for making a football tackle. It’s a shame because he’s the only LB (without MJ) that understands containing the QB on scrambles despite another very questionable “roughing” call. He made a big play causing a fumble and had a sack but will have to miss the 1st half next week.

Here are the grades:

GTZ. tfl. GTZ. tfl. tfl QB. TGZ.

sack. GTZ. tfl. GTZ. tfl zone.


GTZ. PBU (tip).

GTZ. blocked. pursuit.

GTZ. tfl. GTZ.

GPZ. QBH. GTZ. GTZ. great penetration on SY—turnover. decleater block on fumble return. GTZ.

QBH. sack. Great play zone. GTZ. GTZ.



GTZ. MT. MT shuffle. lost contain QB scramble.

blocked. drop interception. GT on blitz. sack. MT. interception on tip. lost contain on QB scramble.

GOFT. off sides penalty cos us interception. MT. lost contain on QB scramble.

sack. QBH. MT GT shuffle rough passer. cause fumble. QBH. ejection penalty for playing football.

MT shuffle. MT shuffle. beat on corner route. face mask penalty. lost contain on screen.

drop oskie. GOFT. MT. lost oskie to penalty. PBU caused oskie. beat slant. PBU.

GOFT. MT. GOFT. lost contain on GL extra point. MT.

GTZ. GOFT. big hit SY. great edge stunt T. great OPT for tfl. GTGL. great edge stunt tackle on reverse. big hit PBU. good edge stunt T ZR. fumble recovery. GOFT. GTZ.

GOFT. GOFT. PBU. drop oskie.


Shane Buechele vs OSU. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Shane Buechele vs OSU. (Will Gallagher/IT)

OFFENSE — This was extremely painful to watch live but the replay doubled that emotion. A few observations (good and bad) before the grades.

We throw too many hitches—opponents don’t respect our passing game at all and we refuse to do anything to change their mind.

Our WR (8) didn’t finish his slant route which caused a pick 6 because the QB must anticipate a full speed route on his timing throw.

I believe we found out 51 carries is too many for our warrior—it’s a shame our staff doesn’t trust anyone else to run the ball.

Pulling either guard does nothing but slow Foreman down—they are so slow and awkward they clog any hole we may have carved out with initial blocks.

Our third string center was our second best OL yesterday behind Williams—Hodges was about 50 % at best and the two guards weren’t crisp or attentive.

We brought out our tackle over formation for a short yardage call early and was successful but failed to repeat the strategy late when the chips were on the line.

Play action has become a joke—Foreman’s one step and Shane’s half-hearted ride fake does little to slow any rush not to mention makes us late delivering the ball on time.

Here are the grades:

three oskies—forgetting to slide—questionable reads—-not a very good game for the freshman.

18—Swoopes—one good run after a bad read. one fumble on a scramble.

two exhaustion fumbles. 250 yards rushing on 51 carries is not sound coaching. fakes are really sloppy.

21—Porter had a whiff block on a reverse to Heard.

hitch and run. underused is understatement of the day. another tackle on interception. pride player.


hitch. hitch. hitch. good block.

hitch. bad slant route caused oskie. our route.

drew interference call on GL.

big play td catch run on hitch. drop. hitch.

screen. hitch.

good block GL (td). BRB. BRB. GBZ. GBZ. good catch out route for first down.

good block GL (td). BRB. BRB. GBZ. GBZ. GBZ.

BRB. good pull block. great pull block. GBZ (11).

pull too slow. BRB. BPB. BPB. BPB. GBZ (8).

false start. good snaps. BRB. BRB. GBZ (10). good job of anchoring the OL—played winning football.

BPB. holding penalty. BRB. BPB. pulls too slow. GBZ(7).

BRB. BPB. BRB. BPB. GBZ (6). pulls too slow. assignments on pass protection are foreign language.

My grading system is based on total points earned against number of plays played. The points are awarded individually on each and every separate play. There are five different possible grades for each play. Players may earn a plus three (3) for a five star type play—-plus two (2) for above average execution—-plus one (1) for doing their job successfully—-zero (0) for getting beat but knowing and attempting their assignment—-and minus 3 (-3) for a missed assignment.

Each player has a total number of points and a total number of his own individual plays. You divide the total number of plays into the total number of points which gives you scale. The grading scale is as follows:

Any player averaging one point per play (1.0) grades out a B which is winning football. If a player plays 60 plays with 60 total points he would earn a passing grade—each point he goes over the total number of plays raises his grade accordingly. The system is built around rewarding any player that doesn’t beat himself or his team with mental mistakes.

The system also punishes any player that knows what to do but loses too many individual battles. If a player plays 60 plays but loses 10 of those with zero special plays (60 plays—50 points) he falls below the 1.0 needed for a passing grade of B.

I use the plus/minus (A-, B+, etc,) when the numbers indicate a partial add or subtract from the grade. This system was used by my first coaching staff and I kinda carried it with me for thirty years—it’s not perfect but it gives the position coach a measuring stick for his individual players.

The only way to earn the highest grade of A is to play a perfect game. I’ve had exactly zero up to right now so great games still can be better so A- is a very popular second best. This system and my grades will always be subjective filled with agree and disagree opinions. It’s entirely fair for disagreement (without it we might not have horse races) but it’s important to remember that each play only counts once instead of allowing a big mistake to have major influence on an individual’s final grade.

Shortcuts to reduce typing overload.
BRB—beat on a run block.
BPB—beat on a pass block.
GL—goal line.
SY—short yardage.
MT—missed tackle.
MA—missed assignment.
GFT—good fill tackle.
GOFT—good open field tackle.
PBU—pass break up.
tfl—tackle for loss.
5 star—play that most can’t make.