Coach V’s Grades: Texas-WVU

Devin Duvernay (Will Gallagher/IT)
Devin Duvernay (Will Gallagher/IT)

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We had a very uneven performance on offense against WVU. We couldn’t finish the deal–it’s that simple. We kept shooting ourselves in the forward progress aspect of the game with penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, and clock mismanagement from the sideline. They just don’t reward yardage gained and we damn sure didn’t get the most points out of a 550 yards gained effort. We can keep blaming it on youth but the fact is at some point that experience our youth is gaining each week needs to blend it’s way into fewer mistakes.

Here are the grades — OFFENSE

fumble snap. underthrow a wheel for a td. four good runs on keeps. fumble on sack. good td run. good run on a shuffle pass mistake. interception caused by drop. took heavy hits but stayed in pocket like a trooper.

tremendous running. missed assignment pass block. good block shuffle pass fake. BPB. BPB. BPB.

two good runs. BPB.

good block screen. two hitches catches. drop turned into interception.

catch screen. catch hitch. block on screen. catch screen. catch hitch. good run screen.

had one overthrow. disappeared.

good catch out (4). good block screen. pancake cut on shuffle pass. catch screen. outstanding team player.

GB QB keep. good catch/run fade. block screen. good catch hitch (2). drop. good catch/run out. drop. great catch out route. great catch fade. good catch fade. good block screen. best game career.

great block screen. catch out. catch hitch (2). catch slant. good catch/run td. catch slant.

catch hitch. catch screen. kickoff returns ill-advised.

catch hitch. catch curl.

holding penalty. good block QB keep td. GB zone. good kickout block BRB. BRB.

GB zone. GB QB keep. BRB. BRB. GB zone.

GB zone (8). GB QB keep. GB short yardage. great block cutback. good pull block on counter. GB qB keep. good block cutback. holding penalty (very questionable call). BPB.

BRB. GB zone. GB zone.

GB zone (6). BPB. BPB. GB zone. GB QB keep.

G pull block. GB zone (4). GB QB keep. played very well.

GB zone. BRB. BRB. penalty for downfield. BRB. tough outing—stunts confused him.

good pull block. BRB. BPB. pull too slow. BPB. BRB. too slow pull. BRB. GB zone (7). tough outing.

GB zone. BRB. BRB. GB zone. slow off ball too often

We certainly play this game hard on defense. We may miss getting it right but it damn sure won’t be from a lack of effort. It’s just my opinion but the biggest problem I see is we haven’t found the ability to get better improving our main weaknesses within our individual position groups. We miss too many tackles in pursuit. We can’t get off blocks—half of one unit refuses to attack blocks (LB’s). We have too many missed assignments—hustle doesn’t cure all ails and we certainly aren’t playing smart a majority of downs.

From a coaching standpoint I would appreciate a re-evaluation of our GL personnel. I just don’t believe a five yard walk untouched into the end zone is the standard this school lived up to for a hundred years or so. Why not find the 11 that care enough to fight for every inch and worry about the possible pass once we have actually stopped the run.

Jason Hall. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Jason Hall. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Here are the grades -DEFENSE

GT zone. GT zone. QBH. GOFT. GT edge stunt. blocked. pass rush not consistent.

sack. GT QB draw. big hit T QB. big play jet sweep. GOFT. GT zone. GT QB keep. GT SY.

GT zone. no pass rush. very few plays.

GT zone. lack of pass rush. very few plays.

GT zone. very few plays.

lost LOS on GL. lost LOS. GT zone. lack of pass rush.

GT zone. GT zone. GT zone. GT zone. GT zone. GT zone. good pass rush.

GT zone. GT zone. lack of pass rush.

GT zone. very few plays.

GOFT. QBH blitz. GOFT on swing pass. Great tackle on edge stunt (hurt on this play).

T zone (9 yards deep). blocked 10 yards deep. hustle tackle coverage. beat pass coverage. MT. QBH blitz. beat pass coverage. continues to hand fight blocks and loses most plays.

good tackle scrape (2). GOFT. tackle in coverage. GT stunt. GT QB draw. great coverage helped caused interception. good game but still needs tougher plugs.

senior leader. MT (td). unsportsman penalty. MT. beat in coverage. MT. poor GL read.

GT zone. GT QB. GT scrape. needs tougher plugs.

GOFT. MT. caused and recovered fumble. GOFT. beat for td. GOFT. GOFT. beat coverage. beat coverage. punt tackle.

MT. MT. GOFT. beat coverage. PBU (2).

senior leader. MT. MT. MT. beat coverage. GL poor read/plug. Interception. interception. MT. GT SY.

GOFT. big hit tackle. MT. sack on blitz.

great tackle screen. MT. PBU 92). interception. GOFT. GOFT. great hustle tackle. beat coverage.

holding penalty on punt return. GOFT.

My grading system is based on total points earned against number of plays played. The points are awarded individually on each and every separate play. There are five different possible grades for each play. Players may earn a plus three (3) for a five star type play—-plus two (2) for above average execution—-plus one (1) for doing their job successfully—-zero (0) for getting beat but knowing and attempting their assignment—-and minus 3 (-3) for a missed assignment.

Each player has a total number of points and a total number of his own individual plays. You divide the total number of plays into the total number of points which gives you scale. The grading scale is as follows:

Any player averaging one point per play (1.0) grades out a B which is winning football. If a player plays 60 plays with 60 total points he would earn a passing grade—each point he goes over the total number of plays raises his grade accordingly. The system is built around rewarding any player that doesn’t beat himself or his team with mental mistakes.

The system also punishes any player that knows what to do but loses too many individual battles. If a player plays 60 plays but loses 10 of those with zero special plays (60 plays—50 points) he falls below the 1.0 needed for a passing grade of B.

I use the plus/minus (A-, B+, etc,) when the numbers indicate a partial add or subtract from the grade. This system was used by my first coaching staff and I kinda carried it with me for thirty years—it’s not perfect but it gives the position coach a measuring stick for his individual players.

The only way to earn the highest grade of A is to play a perfect game. I’ve had exactly zero up to right now so great games still can be better so A- is a very popular second best. This system and my grades will always be subjective filled with agree and disagree opinions. It’s entirely fair for disagreement (without it we might not have horse races) but it’s important to remember that each play only counts once instead of allowing a big mistake to have major influence on an individual’s final grade.

Shortcuts to reduce typing overload.
BRB—beat on a run block.
BPB—beat on a pass block.
GL—goal line.
SY—short yardage.
MT—missed tackle.
MA—missed assignment.
GFT—good fill tackle.
GOFT—good open field tackle.
PBU—pass break up.
tfl—tackle for loss.
5 star—play that most can’t make.

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