Coach V’s Grades – WVU

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It is still a hoot to watch this offense go about it’s business. I think it only fair to mention that we faced one terrific football player yesterday (56—Stills) and he alone attempted to wreck our intentions and personally lowered some otherwise great grades. We still had some outstanding individual plays made—I like to believe it’s mainly because we were all “tryin to” more than they summed up. Here are the grades:




















Roschon Johnson (2) has probably saved our offensive season with his spirited play. His blend into an unfamiliar role (RB) has allowed others to keep producing positive results without missing a beat. PLAYER.

Devin Duvernay (6) might be better known for making plays with his hands but if one looks closely enough you might just see two key blocks that made the difference on early drives.

Sam (11) met face up to a close up and passed with flying colors.

Marcus Washington (15) is my kind of football player. Besides making two quality plays I salute him for his effort on Sam’s interception—he didn’t make the tackle but he busted his butt “tryin to”. He needs to play more when Collin’s out.

Jared Wiley (18) is rapidly becoming the best blocking TE. Reese Leitao (81) didn’t deserve a holding penalty on what was one fine block. The old white line tripped up Cade Brewer (80) but he did make a good catch.

Kirk Johnson (28) didn’t look rusty in a brief stint at RB. I thought he stuck it up in there pretty dang good.

Sam Cosmi (52) is our best offensive player period. He’s fun to watch.

Parker Braun (73) is just a small tick behind Cosmi—really smart player.

Zach Shackelford (56), Derek Kerstetter (68), and Junior Angilau (75) all had dandy games when they didn’t have ole 56 as their assignment. Denzel Oakfor (78) had a good series at RT with Derek (68) moving inside to RG while Junior sat out a series.

Anybody know who’s next? Just heal, baby, heal.

There were some interesting developments on defense yesterday (both good and bad) and it should be fun to see exactly what transpires once the staff mulls over the available material or game film as it’s commonly called. It’s a shame when several players have a terrific string of “solids” only to fall flat on their caboose’s with a wtf? effort or efforts. I guess if one knew the answer to why beauty turns to ugly in such a short time they might write a book and become a bazillionaire. Here are the grades:





















Kenyatta Watson (2) had two rough plays but I still like his approach.

Anthony Cook (4) had his best game. Solid tackles and good coverage made up for a couple of miscues. He’s still money when his mind is right.

D’Shawn Jamison (5) had two terrific athletic intercepts plus three quality tackles. He also had two bad MT’s in the 4th Q.

Juwan Mitchell (6) started strong (great play on screen) but had too many wtf?’s appeared out of nowhere later.

Chris Brown (15) had too many MT’s and poor angles. He’s better than he played yesterday.

Brandon Jones (19) had a strong game. He’s playing big time as a senior—play on GL remind me of his past.

Jeff McCulloch (23) was a no-show this week. If he’s injured there’s hope—if not, he might have lost his interest yesterday.

BJ Foster (25) might have actually played with Nobis (60) in another life. He is a “Wow” about to happen from start to finish.

Malcolm Roach (32) had a good solid game without the attractive highlights. He still owned the GL with yet another great play with penetration.

Jacoby Jones (36) had a tough few downs.

Koybe Boyce (38) showed spirit but still had a tough time taking the ball to the ground.

Montrell Estell (39) has been a pleasant addition. He’s brought aggressive passion to the defense and is making the plays he’s supposed to make. A little late to the party but he came bearing valuable gifts.

Ayodele Adeoye (40) had by far his best game. I re-ran several of his plays and scratched my head—how the hell did he suddenly turn into a real active LB that actually turns blockers and plugs gaps. I really like what I saw yesterday out of Dele—very athletic interception to boot.

Joseph Ossai (46) had another solid game until he started missing tackles like the rest of this defense. He is a lifesaver with his flexibility at so many different roles.

Ta’Quon Graham (49) was consistent but never really made a big difference play. He’s one that does his job quietly and occasionally hits a home run play. Defenses need players like Graham.

Jamari Chisholm (91) had a couple of nice efforts but wasn’t able to make plays he had chances to make.

T’Vondre Sweat (93) is coming on strong. Beware of this guy forcing his way into more rotational snaps—he pretty good.

Moro Ojomo (98) is another young guy that is growing by the game. Fun to watch.

Keondre Coburn (99) is Casey Hampton but bigger. The sky is the future. He doesn’t have many bad plays—he’s fun to watch. It will be a huge challenge this week—OU has a big time center. This could be the match of the year right here mister.

Who do we play after this week’s rummy?