Could Texas-AM Cotton Bowl happen Maybe…and also maybe not

A win against TCU

on Thanksgiving would, in all probability, earmark Texas for a date in the

Cotton Bowl, according to a source with longstanding ties with the UT Men’s

Athletic Department. How likely is a

Longhorn-Aggie bowl match-up? And could the Longhorns parlay an improbable

upset at Kansas State into an at-large BCS bid?
A team must be

ranked among the BCS’ Top 14 to be eligible for an at-large bid. A 10-2 record (including an upset against the

nation’s No. 1 team) would, obviously, drop Kansas State from the BCS National

Championship Game into the Fiesta Bowl, and it would propel No. 15 Texas toward

Top 10 status in the final BCS ratings.

Would that be enough for Texas to garner an at-large BCS bid?

It all depends

upon Oklahoma, according to our source, since no conference may send more than

two teams into the BCS post-season.

“If both (Texas,

OU) go 10-2,” our source said, “the (BCS) deal-breaker (for Texas) is that

little 63-21 scoreboard.”

If Oklahoma wins

against West Virginia, Oklahoma State and TCU, the Sooners will receive an

at-large BCS bid instead, our source added, since OU’s only losses would have

come against a couple of Top Three teams (Kansas State, Notre Dame).

Some pigskin

pundits have slotted Texas A&M for an at-large BCS bid following its upset

at Alabama, but our source is convinced the Aggies are headed to the Cotton

Bowl. And Cotton Bowl officials “would be thrilled” at the prospect of a

Longhorn-Aggie reunion.

A&M officials

would “dearly love” a shot at Texas in the post-season, our source continued.

“There are plenty

of big shots at A&M – and they would never say this publicly – who would rather play Texas in the Cotton

Bowl than be in a BCS bowl. They like their chances (against Texas) this year.

You never know when these two programs are going to meet again. The Aggies

would love to erase that so-called ‘eternal scoreboard’ from last year and be

able to say they have the most recent win.”

The SEC currently

has six teams ranked among the BCS Top 10. The SEC will certainly secure

at-large BCS bid, but it’s most likely to go to a one-loss Florida team,

according to our source. Despite its scare against UL-Lafayette, the Gators sit

at No. 6 in this week’s BCS ratings.

“If Florida

finishes 11-1, it means they will have ended their season with a win against (No.

10) Florida State, and they will have beaten A&M,” our source noted. “If

Florida loses , then the folks in Baton Rouge have a good argument because they

also beat A&M. If either Florida or

LSU wins-out, I see one of those teams getting an at-large (BCS) bid. The biggest loser in the SEC, from what I’ve

been told, will be whoever comes out on the short end of the SEC title game

(Alabama, Georgia). One of those teams

will not be an at-large (BCS bowl team).”

There had been

some speculation about a Texas-USC rematch in the Alamo Bowl, our source

added. But the Trojans have disappointed

with three losses and still must play Notre Dame, UCLA and, possibly, a

conference title game against Oregon.

A three-loss

Trojan team is “out of the (Alamo Bowl) picture,” our source said, but added Texas

would not necessarily drop to the Alamo Bowl even if OU does not secure an-large

BCS bid.

“On one hand, OU

has a more compelling resume (than Texas) if the Big 12 gets an at-large (BCS) berth,”

our source said. “On the other hand, a Texas-Texas A&M match-up would be

too hard for the Cotton Bowl to pass up.”

So, both Texas

and OU are left out of the BCS mix, the Cotton would take Texas?

“I think so. I really do. OU hasn’t traveled well to bowls

lately, but a Longhorn-Aggie Cotton Bowl would sell out in a heartbeat. The (television) ratings would be through the