Culpepper’s Commentary: Bowl Match-Ups

By my count, I’ve now heard Boomer Sooner at least 100 times in watching OU vs. Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Missouri. The South end of the Cotton Bowl was very quiet in the fourth quarter, though, against the only team this year that could match Oklahoma with athletic ability and intensity – the Texas Longhorns.
But only because of a ridiculous Big 12 tie-breaker and the BCS, the Longhorns will be in the Fiesta Bowl playing Ohio State while the OU band will be playing Boomer Sooner (at least some) in Miami in the national championship game. In 2006, Colt McCoy might as well have been playing at Jim Ned High School when he was forced to start against the Buckeyes in Austin after Vince Young left early to the NFL. It was men against boys and Colt looked out of place.This isn’t 2006. This Fiesta Bowl should be a dandy game. Chris “Beanie” Wells must be stopped by Roy Miller, Brian Orakpo and those fast-filling Longhorn linebackers. Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has similar experience to McCoy’s in his debut but Pryor is a much superior athlete. He is mistake-prone, however, and Texas will force him to have to win the game. As for the Sooners, this will make their fourth appearance in a BCS Championship Game. In Oklahoma’s last two trips, versus LSU and USC, the pre-game hype announced them to be the “Sooners’ greatest team.”Whoever anointed them with such praise must have never seen the Barry Switzer highest bidder units in the 70’s! His wishbone could come near to the scoring machine of the Sam Bradford era but, I’m sorry Coach Stoops, today’s defensive teams don’t come in the same area code as the Selmon Brothers years.I think the pronouncements made the Sooners too cocky. LSU with Will Muschamp in charge blitzed the Crimson off OU’s helmets and USC embarrassed Oklahoma by putting up 55 points on that “greatest defense.”I want every Big 12 team to win its bowl game, but I believe Oklahoma will be in shock when they can’t have as their No. 1 goal scoring 60 points. Plus, it will be OU’s first test since the Sooners lost 45-35 to Texas in October. Tim Tebow of Florida is just as much a competitor as Colt McCoy, the quarterback that has beaten Oklahoma two of the last three years. I don’t think Oklahoma can beat Florida because Sam Bradford can not hurt you scrambling. Florida will shut down the Sooner running game and put too much pressure on Bradford. Percy Harvin and his receiver teammates are as dangerous as Quan Cosby and Jordan Shipley of Texas, and the Longhorn pair caught 20 versus Sooner secondary coach Bobby Jack Wright’s bunch. (Wright was former Texas head coach John Mackovic’s defensive coordinator in his final, disastrous season in Austin.)Also put me in for Texas Tech beating Ole Miss like the proverbial red-headed step child. It was evident against Baylor that the Red Raiders were in a funk after the Oklahoma slaughter. In Norman, it was the coach Mike Leach who got rattled. He did not recognize what Oklahoma’s defense was doing until it was too late. The Sooners sat on the Tech underneath game which also helped against the Tech running game. Leach ran his script instead of going deep. This will not happen versus Ole Miss. It will be high level bombing.