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David Jenkins Talks Longhorn Offer

It’s looking like a situation of better late than never

for David Jenkins. The Lewisville Hebron cornerback wasn’t a known commodity on

the recruiting scene until late in the spring, but despite getting into

contention for big-time offers later than most prospects he’s still managed to

get heavy interest from major programs, including the Texas Longhorns. Despite

having several defensive backs in the fold, the Longhorns might not be done

pursing Jenkins just yet.
To say Jenkins has blown up over the past few months

would be a gross understatement. The fact is that the 6-foot, 185-pound

cornerback was not even on the radar of the top programs in the region, but all

it took was a little interest from a few schools to get the ball rolling. One

of the first schools to recruit Jenkins was Texas as his area recruiter Bobby

Kennedy, defensive backs coach Duane Akina and defensive coordinator Will

Muschamp have all played a part in his recruitment.

The Texas coaches visited the Hebron campus in the spring

and liked Jenkins enough to invite him to the June 6 minicamp to give him a

chance to work out and possibly earn an offer. It was an opportunity Jenkins

took full advantage of as reports from camp were that Jenkins looked great in

man coverage and was one of the best defensive backs on the field.

When Jenkins got back to the Metroplex, he said Hebron

head coach Brian Brazil called him into his office to give him some good news.

“I went to the camp, showed what I had and when I got

back my coach called me in his office,” Jenkins said. “He said that Texas was

sending an offer. That was a relief. Getting a Texas offer let me know that I

can play with the best of the best.”

It had been reported that Jenkins only had a verbal

offer, but during this past weekend’s 7-on-7 State Tournament, Jenkins cleared

the air about his offer situation with the Longhorns.

“I have an offer from Texas,” Jenkins said. “I went to

the camp and Coach Akina said they liked me and Coach Brown said that they had

an offer for me but they needed to figure out some things with the numbers.”

Jenkins added that his offer is a written offer and it is

a committable offer and that as far as he knows, he could pick up the phone and

make a verbal commitment to the Longhorns if he chose to do so. He added that

the Longhorns remain in the mix for his services along with LSU and the

remaining eight schools that have offered him a scholarship to this point.

Jenkins’ sudden rise from unknown to major prospect can

be traced back to last spring. Moving to the Dallas area from Louisiana,

Jenkins said it took some time for even the Hebron coaches to notice his


“I transferred in, so that’s why I wasn’t known,” Jenkins

said. “In spring football my coaches noticed me, and then in 7-on-7 I noticed

people looking at me a little more. Then after my junior season, I started

getting calls from colleges, and then it got real crazy.”

The craziness didn’t get kicked into high gear until this

spring. Arizona, Boise State and Colorado State were the first few schools to

offer Jenkins, but after Texas showed interest schools from the ACC, Mountain

West, SEC and the WAC began putting offers on the table.

To date, Jenkins holds 10 offer including Virginia, Ole

Miss, LSU and Wake Forest among others.

“In spring football this year, coaches started coming to

see me,” Jenkins said. “Then I started getting offers. Everything kept coming,

and then I went to the Texas camp, and then they offered. When Texas offered,

that’s when everybody really started to start calling me.”

While holding a Texas offer is special, perhaps the offer

most near and dear to Jenkins is the offer he got from LSU. Jenkins said that

being from Louisiana naturally he has a lot of LSU fans in his family and he

said there is something to be said about being able to go back home.

“Knowing that I can go back to my home state and play

Division I football is a great feeling,” Jenkins said. “I have a lot of family

there and I’ve got some support.”

He hasn’t named any leaders to this point, but LSU could

very well wind up being the team to beat for Jenkins’ commitment. However, even

if he ultimately picks Texas or another school, Jenkins said he feels like has

his family’s support to make the best decision for himself.

“I told my family about the LSU offer a few weeks ago

when I was back in Louisiana visiting,” Jenkins said. “I made them all gather

around so I could tell them. They said they’d like for me to go to LSU, but

it’s my decision and so I know they’ll support me wherever I go.”

Jenkins flashed the skills that have his recruiting stock

soaring over the weekend at the 7-on-7 State Tournament in College Station

where Hebron advanced to the championship bracket in the Division I tournament

but was eliminated early on Saturday. Despite going home earlier than they had

hoped, Jenkins was impressive showing fluid hips, quick feet and showing

reactive quickness to locate the ball in the air and finish plays.

“It’s a great opportunity to come out here and battle

with guys who have great athletic ability,” Jenkins said of the 7-on-7

experience. “Everybody is great because they made it to state, so you can’t

take anyone lightly. If you’re in the game, you better be prepared to go hard

every play.”

The 7-on-7 season over and soon too might be Jenkins’


“I talked to my family about everything,” Jenkins said.

“I feel like it’s time for me to settle down, make a commitment and go from


Jenkins said he already knows when he wants to be

committed and said the time to start sorting out favorites will be very soon. “I’ll be committed before the start of August,” Jenkins

said. “I go to LSU on the 17th and 18th and when I come back I’ll sit down with

my family and really narrow my choices down. When I narrow my focus, it won’t

be long until I make a decision.”