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Death, taxes, and Westfield defensive linemen

Keondre Coburn (Eric Nahlin/IT)
Keondre Coburn (Eric Nahlin/IT)

In this world, these are the things that can be said to be certain. Feel free to worry about the first one, Turbo Tax the second, and I’ll cover the third.

The number of players former Mustangs defensive line coach AJ Blum sent off on scholarship is lost on me, but it was a truly remarkable percentage of his players. He’s departed for the University of Houston where he’s reunited with Ed Oliver, but he left at least one more blue-chip in the pipeline in the form of man-mountain, Keondre Coburn.

Whereas Oliver was a buzz saw, Coburn is a bowling ball. Offensive linemen want to be in front of neither when they begin rotating.

In a down cycle at his position, Coburn stands as the #1 target for Texas at defensive tackle. Along with Texas he holds offers from some of the best programs in the country and at this stage in his recruitment, he’s still wide open.

Inside Texas:
With spring football in full gear how are you playing, how do you feel?

Keondre Coburn: I feel good, I feel great. I’m working on the stuff that I need to work on, you know. I need to be better at pass rush. I need to get to the ball faster. I need to work on my hands, feet, and just working with my team, to be honest, because you need a team to be able to win.

IT: Westfield’s one of those schools it’s hard to tell who the ballers are and who aren’t, everyone looks the part.

KC: [smiling] Everybody’s cold.

How do you guys feel going into next year?

KC: To be honest, I feel better than I’ve ever felt since I’ve been at Westfield. I feel like this team right here can be something special.

IT: Nice. Switching to recruiting, what visits have you taken and what visits do you have planned?

KC: Recently I took an LSU visit. I’ve been to Texas a lot, you know. I don’t really count that right now. LSU I didn’t get to really visit because I was late, so I’ll probably visit again this summer. I’ll hopefully go visit Penn State. Go visit Alabama.

IT: Now you’re talking about schools east of the Mississippi. You’re a West Coast guy, do you still plan on getting out there?

KC: Oh yeah, I plan on it this summer. I have to work on my schedule because we start school two weeks early now. I’m trying to get out there to see UCLA, Oregon…hopefully I get invited to The Opening.

IT: What school or schools would you say you’re in contact with the most?

KC: [ponders for a second] Texas, I’ll say Washington, Penn State, UCLA, A&M, TCU a lot.

IT: Any plans to visit A&M soon?

KC: If they have anything else I’ll probably go visit in the summer just to visit.

As we walked off the field I told Coburn he’s answered some questions I had regarding him. At 6-foot-1.5, 330 pounds, you always wonder which way that body type will go. He answered that by saying he’s dropped down to 315 (wants to get down to 290 and then start building back up) and he definitely looks quicker than ever, not just off the ball but also regarding his lateral movement down the line. Combining his natural power with his pad level and quickness, you have the ideal NT or 1-tech. He’ll push the pocket, stuff the run, and even chase some plays down in pursuit.

Expect Westfield to make another deep playoff push, and expect Keondre Coburn to be at the literal center of it, at least on the defensive side.