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Eddrick Loften Talks Recruiting

If you want to know just how good Irving Nimitz safety Eddrick Loften really is, all you have to do is ask his head coach, Steve Hohenberger. Hohenberger called Loften the best he had ever coached and even went as far to say that he was better than former Texas Longhorn Michael Huff. IT caught up with Loften to talk recruiting.
At 6-foot-0, 200 pounds, Eddrick Loften has the potential to be one of the top defensive back prospects in the Lone Star State in 2010. As a sophomore, Loften racked up 122 tackles, forced three fumbles and intercepted a pass on his way to earning First Team All-District and Defensive Sophomore of the Year honors.

Loften hasn’t wasted any time getting familiar with the recruiting process this summer, camping at two Big 12 schools.

“I went to Oklahoma on the 8th and came back from Texas on the 15th,” Loften said.

When asked about his trip to OU, he said, “It was nice. I liked the coaches and the campus.”

What about Texas?

“It was pretty nice too,” Loften said. “I liked the campus and some of the coaches were pretty cool.”

One of the major differences between Loften’s camp visits at OU and UT was the time he got to spend with Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables.

“I talked to the defensive coordinator at Oklahoma one-on-one,” Loften said. “We talked about how I would fit in the defense, and he said that they would be looking out for me during the year.”

Along with Oklahoma and Texas, Loften mentioned LSU and Miami as two other programs that he liked. However, the Sooners have the advantage at this point in time.

“I kind of like Oklahoma,” Loften said when asked about a favorite. “I just like the coaches and the surrounding our there in Oklahoma.”

Loften also plays running back at Nimitz which helps him on the defensive side of the ball. When asked about his strengths on at safety, Loften said that he was good at reading the offense and meeting the running back in the hole.