Ehlinger and Buechele’s passing in the spring game

Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger (Justin Wells/IT)
Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger (Justin Wells/IT)

Much like in 2017, the 2018 Texas spring game was pretty passing intensive. It’s hard to know exactly why that may be but some likely reasons include reducing wear and tear on everyone with big hits in the run game or giving the fans more of a show with the ball getting aired out regularly.

The real 2018 Texas offense is going to run the ball considerably more than they did in this contest. Between the drives led by Sam Ehlinger and Shane Buechele I counted 13 runs, seven of which were the sort of inside zone runs around which the offense will undoubtedly be built next season.

I decided to break down every passing play by either prospective starter based on the route combination or concept they were executing to see how the results differed and found the following:

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