Family Ties

Last weekend was a big game for the Texas Longhorns. Not only did the Longhorns win a game that many thought could be an upset, but many of the ’08 verbals were on campus. Linebacker Emmanuel Acho was one of the commits visiting the 40 Acres on Saturday and got to take in the experience of his brother’s first sack as a Texas Longhorn.
Early in the second quarter of Saturday’s game, Sam Acho recorded his first career sack on his first play as a Texas Longhorn. It’s tough to get on the field as a true-freshman especially in Austin, but Acho’s work ethic appears to have paid off. “It just shows that the hard work has been paying off for him,” Emmanuel Acho said of his brother’s first career sack. “We were all really excited for him. We were going crazy in the stands. It just shows that if you dedicate yourself and keep your mind right that it will pay off for you in the end.” “I talked to him after the game and he was really excited about his first play and his first sack,” Acho added. “We talk like every day and he has been really pumped up about things.” Acho enjoyed the game experience at the 40 Acres where he got to re-establish his relationships with the coaching staff and the UT commits. “I talked to coach Mac Duff before and after the game. We talked a lot. I also talked to coach Kennedy and coach Giles,” Acho said. “They were just checking up on me and seeing how the season was going and how I was doing.” “I talked to DeSean (Hales), Brock (Fitzhenry), Dravannti (Johnson), Aaron Williams and Justin Tucker. I saw a lot of the guys,” Acho said. “We just talked about how each of our seasons were going. We were just catching up.” What were Acho’s impressions of the game? “They struggled a little in the first half, but they completely did a 180 in the second. They just dominated. It was really fun to watch.”