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Former Longhorn and NFL player Donald Hakwins on new commit Andrej Karic

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Donald Hawkins was a JUCO offensive line transfer on the 2012 and 2013 teams. Though he only spent two years in Austin, he started 24 games. He was a good player on some not-so-great but decent teams. He went undrafted and bounced around the league on a number of teams before a concussion sidelined him in 2017. He’s since been cleared and the 27-year-old awaits being drafted into the XFL ahead of making another run at the NFL.

Rather than sit idly, he’s been training offensive linemen in DFW. Along with the Brockermeyer twins in the 2021 class, he works with UT’s newest commit, Southlake Carroll’s Andrej Karic.

Here’s how Hawkins came to my attention in this capacity.

High praise, I was curious to hear more. Hawkins says he and Karic have been working three times a week since mid-June.

On Karic:
“He has the traits and tools to be successful outside of Texas and beyond college. I’m really high on him. He has athleticism, strength, and foot quickness you can’t teach. He can recover quickly.”

On Karic’s weight, a misperceived negative:
“He’s about 265. He’s going to put on the freshman 15. I was 255 leaving for college and added weight with no problem. He goes up against former NFL guys here and holds his own. I think he can be an early contributor.”

Things they work on:
“I’m trying to make the good things great. Working on being in better position to use his strength, working on his hands.”

The staff agreed with Karic’s assessment and went all in on him despite his lower profile. I love the evaluation.

You can find Hawkins here. Cowboys fans might want to look at his clip with Tyron Smith.