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    XenForo Software

    Coming soon. Real soon.
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    XenForo Software

    It is indeed time and it's coming soon. Thanks for your patience.
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    If you are having trouble logging in via the new aMember system...

    Hey everyone. We've just implemented a new member management system to provide more online account management tools. To get your current account synced with the new software, you simply need to login via aMember ( using your usual login credentials. If you...
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    Firefox for iOS

    Sorry, just saw this @Simms to Gilbert . If you are still experiencing the problem, could you please email me a screenshot of what you are seeing. Thanks!
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    Site is acting up

    This may be a "cookie” issue. Try clearing the cookie (so that you can reenter your login info) in your browser. Once you’ve done that, go back to the forums login and use your regular login info. That should work but if not, let me know and we’ll continue to...
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    Site is acting up

    If you have a problem, please log out and log back in. Thanks!
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    deleting old posts

    valley, there is no way to mass delete posts.