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  • Justin,
    Atlanta Tx kid ,Cameron Dickerson , is one to watch. If he continues I think he will be Texas quality. Went to camp in Marshall and was contacted by TCU and A&M. Check him out. You will not be disappointed.
    Hey Justin I have the same issue, I dont have any access to the Premium board. I gr a message that says I dont have permission to access it
    Why do I no longer have access to Premium Board material. I get a message that says I don't have permission to access it. Really annoying when NSD is tomorrow.
    Justin, have the first post and it is looong (2,000 words) so I thought before posting I would run it by you to see if it should be split into two posts or edited. Is email the best way to get the document to you? Thanks
    Sent a note to general email earlier but McClyde suggested I message you directly. He and I are sitting on four extra tickets for ND. Thought we would give IT first right of refusal but didn't want to post for obvious reasons. Let me know. We got a better deal last minute and are happy to turn loose of what we had for what we paid.
    Justin, if I can't get to DKR this Sat save a few of the IT shirts for me. Will pay if put in the mail.
    Where do I go do update my credit card information. My subscription has expired and I have a new card and number. Don't know where to go to update?
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