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    Impeach Brett Kavanaugh??

    This week it's Kavanaugh's Penis. Last week, Joe Biden's Zombie Left Eye. Before that, Ruth Ginsburg's Pancreas. Next week, what body part on which beltway notable will be headline news. Max Stier said Kavanaugh's friend's pushed his penis into the hand of the victim. What? How's that...
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    Saudi attack.

    It is to the Iranian government's benefit to destabilize the region. A spike in oil prices can tip the world economy into recession, increase the value of their reserves, get Trump out of office, force Trump to make a retaliatory move that would be unpopular here and in Europe, etc. Lots of...
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    Beto O’Rourke says it is a fundamental “right” for individuals to live near their place of employment

    I think $10k may be a little light, but you're on point. They are a good investment: I have them and sell my power back to PG&E. The panels pay for themselves if you live here in the Sac Valley where we have abundant sunshine and you stay in your home for 4-5 years. But it heightens the...
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    Beto O’Rourke says it is a fundamental “right” for individuals to live near their place of employment

    CA housing crisis is entirely self inflicted. Deliberately so. Two new Assembly Bills, the first one passed, the second one is pending the Gov's signature: 1. New housing must be equipped with solar panels. 2. Statewide rent controls on housing > 15 years old. One makes home ownership more...
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    2020 Democratic Primaries

    Polling similar to Monday, Nov 7, 2016 For moderate democrats, which is a more preferable situation next year: 1. The economy\job creation is robust, Trump is re elected. 2. Economy goes into recession, Warren or Biden is elected and must institute fiscal policies that will end it. (This is a...
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    2020 Democratic Primaries

    The Master Debaters said almost nothing about the economy last night. A CNN poll yesterday showed the top 3 issues for democrats are Health Care, Climate Change, Gun Control\Confiscation Tuesday on CNN Squawk Box, BET founder Bob Johnson was praising Trump on the economy and more specifically...
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    Neil Gorsuch

    There is pretty strong evidence that this is the case. The four SCOTUS members nominated by the Democrats vote as a bloc, almost as if they have taken a blood oath to the DNC to never diverge from the party ideology. Therefore the back flips, emanations\penumbras and hidden meanings in the...
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    In other news....North Carolina Special Elections

    By this I assume you mean Joe Biden as a classical liberal. But his feeble attempts to share the woke lane has only succeeded in forcing him to debate his former moderate self. The lack of any moderation in the Dem base means he has had to conform to the radical positions of Warren, Harris and...
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    things not looking great for Brexit

    The people of the UK have spoken. There is no going back. (language warning, although the f bomb is much more civilized in British accent)
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    Environment/climate thread

    We can't even tour the arctic and see the effects of climate change, without getting stuck in the ice and evacuated by helicopter. Arctic tours ship MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board got stuck in ice on Sep 3 off Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, halfway between Norway and North Pole. The...
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    OT: Construction begins on 66-story building in Austin

    I worked at American Bank on Lavaca Street putting myself through grad school 1978-1980. Gold glass-clad tower maybe 20 stories. I cant find it on Google maps now. It and Austin National Bank (big black inverted box on Congress) were the only "skyscrapers" downtown.
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    Hong Kong

    My guess is that the concession reflects he realization that the protests are causing economic damage and the CCP knows that military intervention will make the damage permanent.
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    Hong Kong

    The government has withdrawn the extradition bill, the main cause of unrest in Hong Kong. The protest leadership is not satisfied. The serpent has hatched from the egg.
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    IG Report on Comey

    Here's what Andy Biggs of the House Judiciary Committee said yesterday regarding the Horowitz's upcoming report on the Obama DOJ obtaining FISA warrants under false pretenses to conduct surveillance spying operations on candidate Trump and his associates. Biggs likely has seen at least some...
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    Dorian is a Real Threat

    I was in Houston in 1988 when Gilbert was in the Gulf. At the time it had the lowest pressure of any Atlantic hurricane at 888 mb. It was replaced by Wilma in 2005 that recorded 882. Last I saw Dorian was 910? Gilbert was a monster but it turned south and hit a low population area on the coast...