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    Evangelical support of Trump

    I didn't vote for Trump, and there are some evangelicals who are enthusiastic Trump fanboys. But equating approval of most of Trump's policies with "uncritical" acceptance of him is a gross exaggeration. Most evangelicals I know are very aware of his problems and wish he would shut up most of...
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    UT to expand Financial Aid for Lower Income students

    My first thought: I sure wish I was born later. My second thought: It's much better for individual schools like UT to decide this rather than the government stupidly trying to enforce free tuition across the board. Tuition costs across the country have slowly risen for decades without a...
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    Happy 4th of July

    Watched some videos on the American Revolution. Interesting time, to be sure. Of course, according to Trump, the Continental Army won through air superiority. Flying on bald eagles, probably.
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    Very tough and interesting open letter

    Sorry to sound dismissive, but I saw exactly what this was a few lines in: Emotional appeals, fake moral superiority, and passive-aggression. No arguments, no ability to understand nuance, nothing. Basically, what's wrong with political discourse these days.
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    1st Democrat debate thread

    Colbert's inability to rationally evaluate Trump and heavy-handed partisanship have really reduced him as a comedian. He often just comes off as annoying, pandering, and whiny now.
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    1st Democrat debate thread

    I did not watch live. So... what kind of circus show was this such that candidates were trying to one up each other with Spanish?
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    How Critical Theory radicalized universities, culture, media and politics. Pretty funny.
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    Roy Moore is running again

    Whenever I play, I often play with Ryu. And come on... anyone who knows Ryu's backstory OBVIOUSLY knows he wouldn't care or get involved in politics.
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    Roy Moore is running again

    My concern isn't so much the state I'm in but rather if I feel like I can articulate a good defense of the vote. Even then, I could see how fellow conservatives voted for him, given the choice in front of them. The vast majority that I know didn't like Trump and backed someone else in the...
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    Roy Moore is running again

    It's a good question. Seeing as how I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but wrote in M. Bison, a Street Fighter character, obviously I wasn't comfortable voting for him. Was definitely not voting for Hillary. Part of the calculus also involves the other side. The way the Dems have gone even...
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    Roy Moore is running again

    Hopefully we can agree that both parties probably have their share of creeps. The Dems don't have a lot of ground to stand on in attacking Trump's sexual indiscretions as the party that still often reveres Bill and could only say "Uh, oops" when their double standards were shown. But there's...
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    Coleman Hughes Testifies About Reparations to Congress, Gets Booed

    The speech was well done. Unsurprisingly, some emotional "adults" in the back couldn't handle truth. This is all just political grandstanding anyway. They're not passing a bill on reparations (and frankly, if they were truly sorry, the Democrats, the party of Jim Crow and slavery, would...
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    ESPN: Complaint targets transgender HS track athletes

    As @Scipio Tex wrote years ago about the Fallon Fox case (MMA fighter), maybe the solution is to abolish gender distinctions in sports altogether. Athletes compete against athletes. That's actually the logical conclusion from these people's position. But we know why we don't hear a peep from...
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    How Critical Theory radicalized universities, culture, media and politics.

    Yeah this was one of the inspirations for the two professors more recently. It is pretty telling that none of this mumbo-jumbo is distinguishable from what these types actually write. I know I'm showing my analytic philosophy bias, but Derrida is often considered a joke in analytic circles...
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    A professional psychologists tries to explain why people don't want to date trans folks I'm honestly not trying to be that snarky here: I just find it pretty sad that it's come to this. A psychologist needs to try to explain this with disingenuous punts to...