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    Neil Gorsuch

    Your contention was not that many Americans disagree with people on this board politically. It was that many if not most Americans agree with the idea that Neil Gorsuch is on the bench illegitimately, which is a far stronger claim: Don't move the goalposts. In addition, Obama was the...
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    Neil Gorsuch

    Even those who wouldn't identify with conservatives often have problems with how you post, particularly when you make sweeping claims that "many if not most" Americans agree with you. You're not comparing apples to apples. Obama was on his way out of office, not recently elected, which is why...
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    Neil Gorsuch

    This is really a poor argument. First of all, what majority of Americans? And does that even matter? What matters is your contention that Gorsuch is on the court "illegitimately" because you claim that not bothering to vote on Obama's nominee was unconstitutional. Let's grant that it was and...
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    Sad and scary times

    I'm Asian, and while I won't pretend to talk for all Asians everywhere, I will say that the general feeling among the Asian community in my experience is that Trump is a buffoon. However, many Asians I know still voted for him because they felt Hillary was way worse, or they were like me and...
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    Impeach Brett Kavanaugh??

    Another interesting part of this story is this: I went ahead and typed in "Leland Keyser" into Google to see if the mainstream media would have wrestled with the actual bombshell revelation in the book, which contains another ludicrous accusation against Brett Kavanaugh with zero evidence (that...
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    Chappelle is a ****ing brilliant social commentator. (NSFW)

    After the critics gave The Last Jedi rave reviews when it was an objectively bad movie pushing some SJW crap, my last remaining respect for critics (honestly wasn't a lot left) went to zero.
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    Chappelle is a ****ing brilliant social commentator. (NSFW)

    I think we have different definitions of trolling. I think Chappelle is trying to be funny... and he was also intentionally egging on the people who had already been hating on hm.
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    things not looking great for Brexit

    I won't pretend to be an EU expert, but I am surprised some people are not a little cautious about such a governing body telling countries what to do when it is remote from the people. Those who believe in self-governance should be wary of that, especially if it reacts with tactics intended to...
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    Guy apparently threw five year old over a balcony because he got rejected by women I didn't hear about this earlier. What the heck. Glad the boy is recovering. And it doesn't help my fear of heights. I now feel imminently rational for getting nervous when I am...
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    We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race … because of our Christian race, I mean, our Christian belief.

    It's the latter, or at the least, a misunderstanding that could be corrected. Any halfway decent interpretation of the Bible does not justify opposition to interracial marriages. That doesn't mean people haven't tried to use the Bible that way or still do, like any other texts or system of belief.
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    Chappelle is a ****ing brilliant social commentator. (NSFW)

    Watched it a couple of days ago. As I watched, I thought, "Oh boy, people are going to get even madder at him now." I looked at reviews online of this new stand up routine. Yeah, I was right. I don't think they understand that crying about it is going to just encourage him to troll them even...
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    Giving Up Darwin

    Harris, at least, has spent time reading the Bible (and the Quran), which has sometimes led him to hilariously have to defend it against irrational attacks from secular leftists who want to say that Islam is better. His interview with Cenk Uygur was pretty amusing. In any case, they do spend...
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    Trump Wants to Nuke Hurricanes

    Donald Trump says a lot of dumb stuff (usually on Twitter), but @TexasPalladin is correct. This was a meeting and Trump asked a question that has floated around for decades about nuking a hurricane. Does that show his ignorance about the science of it? Sure; he's not alone in that. You...
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    Opioid cases against J&J and Purdue

    And it's the state trying to get money for a vague "public health" situation, not any individuals. I am not sure if this is what we want governments doing. Furthermore, it's obvious that they're going after the deep pockets. Doctors have some money and have insurance, but there's no way they...