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  1. U.S. Bates

    Most likely scenario (election)?

    I'm pretty apathetic with regards to American politics. I truly believe both parties are extremely corrupt and ultimately only care about gaining/keeping/growing power through whatever means necessary. Knowing that I basically feel like I'll be ****ed either way, I tend to not focus on such...
  2. U.S. Bates

    Identity Theft Question

    My wife may have fallen into an ID theft operation recently. She received an email stating that her income tax return was rejected and she needed to call the IRS immediately to correct the situation. She looked at the website (IRS.COM iirc), called the number and inputted her PHUCKING SSN...
  3. U.S. Bates

    I have a stat question

    Its probably quite simple for anyone who has a decent working knowledge of statistics. Unfortunately that excludes me. If you think you can help respond to this and Ill shoot you a PM. Thanks in advance...
  4. U.S. Bates

    We just got downgraded

    AA+ is the new score by S&P. Great way to start off the weekend. JG, I don't think the market has bottomed. You may want to hold off.
  5. U.S. Bates

    I thought the bailouts were a success?

    Im not sure how reputable this info is, so take it with a grain of salt. The blogger does cite the Treasury Department and CNN though. 1.3B loss is what is being claimed. Anyone have any more info on this...
  6. U.S. Bates

    Poll for the dems/independants only

    This is strictly hypothetical but if one of these "Republican's" ran against Obama, and beat him, who would you prefer out of these folks, and why? Also, I'd like to hear the why not's as well if you have the time. Conservatives, please don't vote on this poll. Thanks, RT
  7. U.S. Bates

    America, phuck yeah!

    Happy 4th y'all!
  8. U.S. Bates

    Who do you despise more and why (for coservatives only)

    I just wanted to see who those on the right feel is the most polarizing Liberal voice. Admittedly, Im not up on who's who but these are the names Ive heard recently...
  9. U.S. Bates

    I can't access

    The paid forums anymore? I had trouble with my bank card recently (some weird off shore company tried to charge my account) and now have a new card. Maybe that's the problem but would one of the mods/admins hit me up via pm to figure this out? I don't want to miss out on the good stuff, lol!