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    Recruiting: Early offer indicators in 2022

    Thank you wabash! Really appreciate the info
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    Recruiting: East Texas duo picking up steam

    Preciate the scoop!
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    The most innovative offense and defensive conference in the country

    You could argue the Big 12 now has 2 of the top 5 OC’s in college football(Riley + Sark). And then you could also argue the Big 12 has two of the top 5 DC’s in college football(Kwiatkowski + Heacock). Am I pumping sunshine or does UT have a legitimate claim for top 5 Coordinators on both sides...
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    Will Oklahoma's speed D reign supreme in 2021?

    Yeah it doesn’t look like coburn carries the weight was well as sweat. I think Sweat is 1/2 inches taller and longer so he can probably carry more total weight but neither of them should be more than 330 IMO. I’m a cowboys fan so I’ve watched Antwan Woods the past few years and I think he’s the...
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    The Flyover Football portal tracker

    Founjii or however its spelled, be next please