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  1. kennoisewater

    Largest same sex gene study ever

    Are some people born that way? Yes. Do we know why? No.
  2. kennoisewater

    Sad and scary times

    It would have gone very well had JG stopped at “how do we know if a bullied kid will actually pull the trigger?” However, he just had to take a couple shots at the President before he wrapped it up.
  3. kennoisewater

    Minneapolis Robberies

    Morris Day and The Time...
  4. kennoisewater

    Clinton Emails; Executive Order predicate and FISA

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Hillary Clinton is a lying sack of wet turds, but it’s kinda hard to throw stones when President Trump lies as easily as the rest of us breathe.
  5. kennoisewater

    Robert Francis strikes again.

    Karl Marx had a brother?
  6. kennoisewater

    Neil Gorsuch

    JG, Everyone here is very aware of the hypocrisy that exists in politics. There are two teams and we all are perfectly comfortable ignoring the log in our own team’s eyes while pointing out the spec in yours. We only care when our team is on the losing side. It’s embarrassing and...
  7. kennoisewater

    For the Tech Geeks...Someone translate.

    I realize google has the lion’s share of the market, but it is a market. I remember a few years ago several conservative friends of mine suggested I start using a search engine called Bing because it wasn’t left biased. All I remember about using Bing is it sucked comparatively to google...
  8. kennoisewater

    US Warns Iran

    Orgeron did get Michael Oher to commit to Ole Miss by offering SJ the opportunity to lead the team through The Grove with him at a home game, so I would assume he's qualified. All Fulmer offered was a sideline pass and a coin toss.
  9. kennoisewater

    Trump family building 'dynasty' for decades to come

    These are all opinions but let me break them down: 1. I don’t think Ivanka is as intelligent as I thought nor do I think she has any influence on his decisions or opinions. 2. The Democrats are terrible and make it impossible to deal with them reasonably. 3. Don and Eric have proven, at least...
  10. kennoisewater

    Trump family building 'dynasty' for decades to come

    When he was elected I hoped that Ivanka would be his liberal conscience and be the bridge between igniting his base while at the same time reaching across the aisle. Unfortunately Ivanka doesn’t seem to be as smart as I gave her credit for and the Democrats have made it damn near impossible for...
  11. kennoisewater

    Trump family building 'dynasty' for decades to come

    I get the impression that the boys have no political leanings other than their father’s. They seem to be desperate for his approval. If he had won as a liberal democrat they would be liberal democrats.
  12. kennoisewater

    Chappelle is a ****ing brilliant social commentator. (NSFW)

    I’m not familiar with James Acaster but I’ll definitely check out his set. As for the folks you bolded, I’m guessing you and I have vastly different ideas of what’s funny. The people in your bolded list run the gamut from liberal, conservative, clean, dirty, political, non-political, and...
  13. kennoisewater

    Pence in Ireland

    I respect your opinions and I really like the way you handle yourself on this site, but in this particular case you're dreaming. I was one of the folks who raged at the Obama administration for anything I considered unethical, real or perceived. That said, I'm a little bit of an anomaly in...
  14. kennoisewater

    Chappelle is a ****ing brilliant social commentator. (NSFW)

    I have a hard time calling him conservative. I owned his album from the late 80’s or early 90’s called The Off White Album and loved him as the Weekend Update guy on SNL. It was all full on 100% liberal although he did have some material on SNL written by conservative Jim Downey. He didn’t...
  15. kennoisewater

    Another Faux Racial Incident?

    I don’t understand the bashing of the Obamas at all considering the behavior of our current President. Mr. Obama was a substandard President but he seemed to be a decent man with a great marriage and family life. There was a meme going around during Michelle’s school lunch fiasco deriding her...
  16. kennoisewater

    Largest same sex gene study ever

    I have had enough discussions with gay people in my life who are absolutely convinced they have never been anything other than homosexual that I believe some folks are born gay. Anecdotal evidence on this subject gets laughed at quite a bit around here but I’m no scientist. I also believe...
  17. kennoisewater

    Chappelle is a ****ing brilliant social commentator. (NSFW)

    But I will posit this: We on the right complain ad nauseum about liberal Hollywood and the monopoly the left has on the entertainment industry. However, it’s no secret that there are enough conservatives out there with deep enough pockets to fund the production of movies, television shows and...