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  1. khaled

    Site is acting up

    @ClendonRoss @Justin Wells @Eric Nahlin I've been having issues with IT all day. When I click on threads, sometimes they aren't updated with the latest posts. Then if I click on the IT members only tab, it says that I'm not logged in, but lets me open a thread and shows me logged in. Other...
  2. khaled

    How to update card info?

    Changed cards, anyone know how to change the card charged?
  3. khaled


    Anybody catch the return of 24 on Monday? What did you all think?
  4. khaled

    SC decision on campaign giving limits

    Just ruled 5-4 that campaign giving limits on individuals is unconstitutional, violating first amendment.
  5. khaled

    Controversy over Coke Super Bowl commercial?

    So Twitter/Facebook were blowing up about this?
  6. khaled

    Jordan Shipley's new show

    Co-Host of The Bucks of Tecomate and Tecomate Whitetail Nation shows on Outdoor Channel.
  7. khaled

    Next-gen consoles

    Any gamers here? Now that E3 presentations have passed and we know more about the PS4 and the XBOX One, what are y'all thinking? I'm definitely getting a PS4.