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  1. sacatomato horn

    Father & Son. Vietnam Veteran Comes Home

    52 Years after he left, a Vet returns to Love Field. The Pilot of the Southwest Flight that brought him home was....his son.
  2. sacatomato horn

    Supreme Court to Rule on LGBT Rights in Workplace

    SCOTUS agreed to hear Altitude Express vs. Zarda and Bostock vs. Clayton County, Ga, rulings that reached opposite conclusions regarding the applicable sections of the Civil Rights Act barring discrimination based on sex. It has been reported that this issue was back-burnered to allow a...
  3. sacatomato horn

    The National Popular Vote State Compact vs. The Electoral College

    In the 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton took 48% of the national popular vote and Donald Trump 46%, but because of the federal nature of the Electoral College where we have 50 separate elections, he became President and she did not. Majority Rules (but in Hillary's case I guess it's "Plurality...
  4. sacatomato horn

    Boeing: Tragedy & Politics The second fatal crash of the new version of the Boeing 737 Max 8 is roiling geo-politics. China, Australia and some smaller carriers have grounded the plane. None of the largest carriers, Southwest...