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    July 27th Q&A: The We're Getting Close Edition

    Happy Friday! When can we expect an announcement on the game time for Wyoming and television for New Mexico. Is this all due to LHN negotiations? Also, does Jaxon Shipley throw more TDs than Case this year?
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    Q & A With The Cosmonauts May 4th, 2012

    It has been suggested by BC that the Bowlsby hire signals moves on the realingment front? Any thoughts on the hire and why this signals another summer of discontent?
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    Q & A With The Insiders April 6, 2012

    Now that spring practice is over, what are the players doing to keep the momentum going (i.e, how much Wylie time are they getting). Also, I was wondering how much time the coaches spend this time of year on recruiting vs. getting ready for the season?
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    Q&A With The Cosmonauts March 23, 2012

    I missed out on Secret Email # 2 as well. Cigar Question: The Pac, Big Ten, and SEC seem to be taking the lead on the playoff talks, where does Texas stand on the different proposed formats?
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    Q&A With The Cosmonauts - Feb. 3

    Eric, Now that Maulerson is in the bag, who commits at J-Day 1?
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    Q and A With The Cosmonauts

    Jesus, Long time reader of your stuff and a huge fan. Two questions: 1. Others are suggesting that MJE was just looking for some attention late in the game after an early commitment. Was there ever any real interest in Texas? 2. I saw your percentages but who actually leaves JD1 as a...