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    Big 12 spring check-ins: Baylor

    As I said, Ashton Logan isn't gonna be in the two deep this year at JACK. He might be listed that way on the depth chart because he's old, but the top two guys are Victor Obi and Anthony Anyanwu. As for Barnes, we'll just have to put a stake in this thread for this upcoming season. I'm not a...
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    Big 12 spring check-ins: Baylor

    CB and OLB are two of the deepest positions on the team. CB features Barnes, who could be a day 2 guy this upcoming year if he stays healthy (see Eric Stokes). At OLB they moved Matt Jones back to ILB because they were so deep there. Victor Obi and Anthony Anyanwu, the likely two deep at that...
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    Big 12 spring check-ins: Baylor

    He has a long release, is more turnover prone, and similarly seems like a one read and go guy. He's a good athlete on the move but he doesn't bring the same down-to-down threat that Bohanon does in the run game.
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    Big 12 spring check-ins: Baylor

    I'm not as concerned for whether Baylor can get a decent wide zone running game going this season. Baylor held open scrimmages on three consecutive weekends and I was at all of them. The first week the OL was hapless and things just looked rough. They basically got nothing going in the run game...
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    The adaptive Dave Aranda: How will Baylor's defense change in year two?

    I cannot wait for Sark vs Aranda. They both have "counterpuncher" styles.
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    Finding the top antagonist in 2021: The supremacy of base pass rush

    For Baylor, William Bradley King is gone. The primary pass rushers will be Terrel Bernard (3.5 sacks, 6.5 TFL in 4.5 games last year) from weakside, Jalen Pitre (2.5 sacks, 11.5 TFL) from STAR, and Matt Jones at JACK (didn't really play til last few games of the year). I really disagree with...
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    Infiltration tactics and the 2020 National Championship

    I could barely believe my eyes watching OSU's defensive gameplan out of the gates. Early in the game their safeties were triggering HARD against the run. Then the 4-4 madness.
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    Keeping up with the Big 12's 2020 silly season

    That's right. I think it's fair to give some leniency since it was his first time as a HC. But I think we'll know by the end of 2021.
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    The Flyover Football portal tracker

    Really good player. Dunno what happened to him in 2020. He's an All Big 12 WR when he's right.
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    Keeping up with the Big 12's 2020 silly season

    Oh yeah, fair enough. It was a wild swing and a miss from the get go, and that is certainly worrisome. My point is more narrow: given the ****storm he generated himself, he did the absolute right thing in cleaning house instead of trying to piecemeal it back together.
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    Keeping up with the Big 12's 2020 silly season

    I'm kind of the opposite of you on Aranda, I think. I was very worried about him mid-season when I was getting info about the turmoil on the staff and among players. The most worrying thing he could've done this offseason, IMO, would've been to fire Fedora, hand the keys to Munoz, and not change...
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    Conner Weigman, Kyron Drones, and the flyover defense

    Appreciate you looking into Drones. I've watched 3 of his full games, now (but not this one against Katy). Shadow Creek's offense is sort of nuts; they throw deep more than any HS team I've ever seen. It's why Drones' completion percentage is so low. He's certainly not an inaccurate guy (not by...
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    Sneak peak into the 2021 Big 12 season

    Look I'm with you in that I'll be very skeptical of marked offensive improvement until I see who plays QB and if they can execute the scheme. I'm just saying I don't think the floor has been lowered.
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    Sneak peak into the 2021 Big 12 season

    Sure, but they were 90th in offensive FEI this year, and had the 5th worst yards per play mark in all of CFB. Aranda legit said in public that Brewer was incapable of executing gameplans. I don't expect them to be an offensive juggernaut this year but I don't think it is very likely they get worse.
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    Sneak peak into the 2021 Big 12 season

    I think it is quite literally impossible that losing Brewer lowers the floor of the Baylor offense. They were one of the worst in all of FBS this year. If you look at the offensive passing scheme, it's quite clear they want to install a Munoz/LSU/Joe Burrow style attack with lots of options on...
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    Who won Week 14 in the Big 12?

    I'm curious why you refer to Aranda's style as "blitz heavy." He almost never sends more than 4 guys.
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    Who won Week 13 in the Big 12?

    The weakness of what Baylor did is that they were essentially gambling, basically what Patterson does against every offense. There were plays where Baylor was overloading against a specific play (figuring OU would run the ball or throw) where OU had numbers wherever Baylor wasn't, but Baylor's...
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    Who won Week 13 in the Big 12?

    Appreciate the shoutout, Ian. It really is crazy how well Baylor played on D this game. It was the lowest yards per play that OU has been held to since 2015, which makes it the worst of the Riley era. It's too bad that Baylor's offense remains absolutely terrible. But they have a lot to build on...
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    Who won week 8 in the Big 12?

    Baylor finished with an offensive success rate of 9% in the first half, and finished the game around 17-19%. It was probably the worst offensive showing Baylor has put out in 10+ years. It's becoming clearer that Munoz is totally in charge of the passing game (should've been clear since he is...
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    Who won Week 7 in the Big 12?

    They're weird cause they're similar but in a yin and yang way. Purdy is just much more willing to take risks than Ehlinger is, both within the pocket and with his throws. Purdy just has zero accuracy this year, while ehlinger looks basically the same.