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    Why is it so hard to get help from Clendon or Ross? I'm having problems with my renewal.
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    BCS releases automatic bid formula
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    Bob West column for Sunday, Jan 17 Texans fans who are blaming offensive coordinator Greg Davis for the foolish shuffle pass at the end of the first half of the BCS national championship game probably need to shut up. My spies tell me Davis was in...
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    Bob West column for Sunday, Jan 10
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    Bob West column for Sunday, Jan 3
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    For the GD lovers

    Here is a stat for all the GD loves. We rank 20th in total offense. Hell, ATM and TT rank 5th & 6th. Guess they have more talent on offense then Texas.:-/
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    If Mack

    If Mack does not get a new O line coach and replacement for GD then Im finish with his sorry a$$.
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    Injuries lead to early end of team's football season

    Talk about bad luck.
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    Florida & Mississippi St.

    Tebow throws an pick 6 on third and goal from the eight. 13-10 Florida at half
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    SEC Officials

    Just heard on ESPN's around the horn that the sec's officiating crew that made the bad personal foul call against Arkansas in the Florida game was the same crew that made the excessive celebration call in the LSU/Georgia game. Lot of people are starting to think the officials are biased to...
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    Bob West column for Wednesday, Oct 14
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    Preliminary BCS Rankings - 10/11
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    Free The Ballots Petition

    Don't know if it will do any good but it can't hurt.
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    What's up with Darrell Scott
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    Sam Bradford

    With very little chance of getting to the MNC will Sam Bradford risk another injury and play the rest of the year?
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    Tebow may have severe concussion

    from a Gators forum: this is from the premium board...I might get in trouble for this but I think its worth sharing.. A poster got a text from Tebow's brother Robbie his bro, via text. "Severe concussion. Staying overnight at hospital. He should be fine. Thank God!" Thats what I've just...
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    Tebow sick

    Will Florida struggle against Kentucky with Tebow sick?
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    BCS review: Righting a decade of mostly wrongs
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    Best of West collection

    Its an older column of Bob West, but thought you might enjoy it.
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    Mack Brown thought he couldn't vote Texas No. 1

    How is it you’re the Head Coach of football at UT and don’t understand the voting system. X-( "I didn't want to hurt our team by voting us No. 1 and it not counting," Brown said. "So I guess I misunderstood."