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    Kansas St vs Iowa St D & vs Texas D

    Ian, what are/were the most impactful differences in KSt scoring so much more vs Texas than Iowa St? (I didn’t watch KSt vs ISt and I haven’t watch today’s game much.) Full Strength ISt secondary vs younger Texas DBs playing KSt RB from Round Rock didn’t play last week KSt more possessions...
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    Why is Walla not playing more?
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    I've watched quite a bit of the tourney games this year, but somehow I've missed the errors. Yet it seems per the box score we've committed quite a few, by Texas standards. What is happening, and are we a good not great defensive team? Thanks.
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    Please see my question on the Baseketball Coach's Forum

    The content was such that i felt it needed to be posted on a premium site. And since it is basketball related.... But since the Forum is not that easy to get to... Thanks.
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    Which Big 12 members don't field a baseball team?

    Colorado and Iowa State?
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    Team Development

    This team does not have to win every game, just consistent progress towards the end goal (non-mythical National Championship) along the way. Big 12 championship would be nice too. Chemistry, a less offensive Offense ;0) and stellar defense/low turnovers/decent FT shooting... Lots to work...
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    Top Teams in 2010

    Is it too early to know the few teams that are expected to be the cream of the crop this season?
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    OU-TT Game

    I recorded the game, and am watching the plays/fast fwding thru the commentary between plays. Question - What is Taylor Potts wearing a jersey that says "Rick" on it? Comment - on the OU near-touchdown in the back of the end zone, it SURE looked to me like the OU receive got his toe down in...
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    2010 Recruiting

    Now that Bejarano (sp?) decommitted, and we have only the one commit (TT)...what are the likely scenarios for 2010? Thanks.
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    Jones-ing for a little more Baseketball info

    There's been some great content posted and discussed on the Insiders Forum lately. Can't wait to see even more basketball news/coverage.
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    Barnes on the Sideline Tonight

    Glad to see Rick Barnes at tonight's game. CANNOT WAIT for Basketball season to get here; so much talent on campus!
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    What happened to Riley Dodge?

    Had taped the UNT-Alabama game and was fast forwarding thru till I saw UNT had scored. Watched that "drive" and noticed Riley wasn't in at QB? Did he get hurt?
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    Substantive Misdirection

    In deference to Unichorn, I've used one of his more famous-er phrases for the title of this thread. Don't know how many of ya'll saw how much of the Houston-OkSt game, but there was some serious substantive misdirection thrown down by Houston! 'Twas very exciting, and though it would have been...
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    Our Horns got us to Omaha, with (understatement) a great chance of winning it all. DJB, thanks for running the forum until Spring Football ended, so we had someplace to go at that time! Will be interesting to see what Augie or DeLoss or both decide to do. Also which recruits we signed (and...
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    Question about lineup last night

    Considering the ASU starting pitcher was righty, why didn't we have more lefty hitters in the lineup? Torres was a lefty at leadoff and Brandon Belt in the 3 hole, with Moldenhauer a switch hitter - that's it. Then R, R, R, R, R, R. Do we just not have that many left handed hitters?
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    The series win, this past weekend

    Was Sunday's victory as HUGE as it seemed? Haven't been following real closely, looked up and we had a mediocre League Record already!!! Thanks gents.
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    Substantive Misdirection Leads to 2 TD's

    Swear to God - saw it tonight with my own two eyes. Fozzy's TD and 1st McGee TD. edit - From the I formation
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    Staus on Damion James

    When do you think he'll be available, and at what % ability?