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  1. A L BEVO

    Any Word Tonight?

    About Deloss retireing and Mack becomeing the new AD?
  2. A L BEVO

    Don't know if I will get back here...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS!!! So thankful for all of my I T friends ! God Bless you all! Catfish
  3. A L BEVO

    Who do you want as the new OC?

    After reading so many things, some of which is confusing as heck, I am wondering who you guys would pick, if you could? I would pick Harsin from Boisie State. Young and inovative! Things might really get to jumping with a guy like him! Your pick?
  4. A L BEVO

    Maybe It's Baylor's Time

    When we are playing our guts out just to try & keep up with Baylor, well that speaks volumes! GG is doing a good job tonight, not on him! Don't we have anyone that can consistently catch a pass? Maybe on the bench? This is horrible!
  5. A L BEVO

    Sad News Fellow Iter's

    Hey Guys Some of you ask about our dear friend Big_Longhorn from time to time. Today he lost his mom. If you know him, I know he'd appreciate a shout from any of you guys! Thanks Albert Lee
  6. A L BEVO

    aggys ???

    Are all aggys totally stupid? And total buttholes? Sorry for you who are sincitive. This aggy I know just wrote on FaceBook, that he is watching the tide drown the Longhorns in the BCS C game. And how it just gets better with time! I told him what a puke he is. And how utterly classless he is...
  7. A L BEVO

    Well Boys!

    Thanks again to good ol Greg! We might as well not have a back-up QB as they have zero expierence! The play calling sux as it is especially in big games! Sometimes life just stinks! It does right now. With Colt hurt we are done. What the crap kind of play was that , he got hurt on, anyway?I...
  8. A L BEVO

    What in the world are doing?

    This has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen us do in all my football years! What are we doing, trying to do everything we can to make Tech look good? We line up & kill em on defense one series & then the next crawl back into our shell & let run right down the field & score! When...
  9. A L BEVO

    Can someone explain?

    I am not the greatest baseball mind, I admit. But, please someone, explain this to me. We are leading 6 to 4 top of the ninth , man on 1st, 1out. All we need is two outs . The best closer in college baseball on the mound, & they pull him & put in someone else. Sorry boys but, I don't get...
  10. A L BEVO

    Db ?

    I've never been to a live game to see our Horns. Only seen em on TV. I want to come to a game. When would be the best, understanding that I can't come on sat. or sunday as it's just too far to get back home for sunday mornning. And, is it hard to get tickets? Thanks Catfish
  11. A L BEVO

    Why Play in a Bowl Game ?

    The thought has struck me of late,that under the current structure, there is little incentive to even play in the bowls anymore. I mean, there are so many of em for one thing. At this juncture the only one that matters in the one for the NC. Take our game, we are supposed to beat them, I...
  12. A L BEVO

    nutre dame question

    Something I am wondering about guys. Can nd not fire Weis? I heard the other day that he has the same record as Tyrone did , in the same amount of time. I don't know & don't really care if this is true or not, but if it is, how can they keep him? If this were any other University in America...
  13. A L BEVO

    Well Boys!!!

    Alabama may be rated #1, but they dad gummed sure arn't the best team in the country!!! I wish we could play either one of these teams for the NC. And whats up with Penn State? They look way overrated to me! The only team in the country that I'd be leary of us beating, would be Florida...
  14. A L BEVO

    We need a "pick'em"...

    For the OSU vs tt game this week. If tt does NOT lose to OSU by 3 or 4 td's, it will be the 1st time in the history of their school! Every time, in the past, that they beat us, the next week they lay down like a cheap trick on sat night! They have always got sky high for us or the aggy$ & if...