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  1. Eric Nahlin

    City A versus City B

    City A is filled with 100% Republicans. City B is filled with 100% Democrats. Good lord, these places sounds horrendous. Given this hypothetical, what is each place lacking? It's easy to be more kind here than you might think.
  2. Eric Nahlin

    Without communism Amazon wouldn’t exist

    The quick story of Miguel Angel Bezos, the father of Jeff Bezos.
  3. Eric Nahlin

    Thomas Sowell on The Remnant Podcast

    The GOAT and one-time campus Marxist came across great considering he’s 88 years old :( Everybody could learn something from this hour long discussion. What he states regarding discrimination should be much more widely understood...
  4. Eric Nahlin

    Hypothetical child-rearing question

    You want to raise your child with your values but don’t want to indoctrinate he or she politically or religiously. What are the most important values to instill, keeping in mind you hope they one day share your world views?
  5. Eric Nahlin

    A New Americanism Her last paragraph is over the top as she takes the easy candy she thinks Trump presents her. (He didn’t call immigrants ‘animals’ - I assume she typically fact checks better than that - and...
  6. Eric Nahlin

    The Conservative Case for Universal Healthcare

    Probably the issue I care about the most and not necessarily because it directly affects my bottom line. You can normally tell a lot about a person’s political views based on this topic, such as their economics and their stance on the role of government vs the individual and all that comes with...
  7. Eric Nahlin

    Trump Bad, Moral Relativism Good

    This isn’t all that surprising and the West should just try and find common ground with them. This caught my attention last month. It’s unreal...
  8. Eric Nahlin

    Book of the month club?

    Duke’s pursuit of a book on the French Revolution had me thinking it might be a fun idea. The way I see it is there are no formal rules - jump in and out as a book interests you. Life is too short to read stuff you don’t want to unless it’s for work or school. In the interest of fair play we...
  9. Eric Nahlin

    Coleman Hughes on reparations, but it’s deeper than that

    I think reparations are a non-starter for most on the board, and I’m not posting because it’s topical due to presidential-hopeful panders. It should be read because it provides depth to an important topic. In...
  10. Eric Nahlin

    It's time to nuke climate change

    Our best and brightest have compared climate change to unifying goals such as sending people to the moon and defeating the Axis of Evil. The latter required nukes, so too does winning the war on climate change. Lately, the nuclear industry has promoted the idea that, in order to deal with...
  11. Eric Nahlin


    Dont know what happened to the thread from yesterday — where he apologized for the racist pictures in his medical school yearbook. Since then his memory has evolved and now he says it isn’t him. In fact, he’s asked his former schoolmates if they know just who it could have been. With his...
  12. Eric Nahlin

    If everything boils down to race in America why isn't John James a media darling?

    Here's some whyaboutism. Why doesn't the national media rally behind this man? It's so confusing. I are confused. Is the same media who embraces a full on white guy named Beto racist for not giving similar airtime to a similar underdog in Michigan? What about the white-guilt donors from coast...