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  1. LonghornRon

    DKR Seating Question

    I am thinking about buying some season tickets from a guy who has tickets in Section 2, Row 32. It looks like section 2 runs from the end line to the 10-yard line. He has seats 3 and 4 and is saying that they are on the 10-yard line. But I was thinking that the numbers on the west side of the...
  2. LonghornRon

    Ridiculous Article on Texags John Lopez, formerly of the Houston Chronicle, has joined the staff at Texags. This is an article he wrote blaming the downfall in aggy football, in part, on UT having easier majors??? What a buffoon.
  3. LonghornRon

    McCoy moves to top of final Heisman poll

    I haven't seen this posted yet:
  4. LonghornRon


    I have to say it worried me a bit seeing Jordan participating in the pregame Senior Day events and then taking the victory lap after the game with all the Seniors as well. I'm wondering if this is a strong hint of his intentions for next year. I don't know that he would plan on going through...
  5. LonghornRon

    Muschamp comment from yesterday's press conference

    On his offensive philosophy:I've got a lot of time to think about that. I don't really like what we do as far as attacking the field. I know the things that will hurt you, and the continuity of what we're doing is very important to Coach Brown and me. Is he saying he doesn't like GD's scheme...
  6. LonghornRon

    I know of lot of people don't like Cowherd...

    But he was defending the BCS system (I'm not a playoff guy myself) and the Horns in particular. He was saying that if there is a 3-way tie in the Big 12 South that UT should go to the title game due to its convincing win over OU on a neutral field, the rest of the tough stretch of games that we...