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  1. JG

    And y'all wonder why so many of us think Trump is a racist

    He had this to say today: "So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now...
  2. JG

    Frustrated in the center

    Since most of this board swings way right you won’t get it or understand. But watching the debates the last two nights I feel like a man without a home. I’ve got hardline conservatives, or hardline libs. Nothing in between. An example of my frustration is the picture of the migrant and his...
  3. JG

    What really happened re: Iran?

    Interesting that there are no threads about this. So we have Iran supposedly attacking tankers with drones. They deny it...we show evidence, or at least what we say is evidence. Then they shoot down one of our drones. They say it was over their airspace...we deny that. Then this morning we...
  4. JG

    Fallacy of early polls

    Lot of Dems including me have been optimistic about how bad the Midwest Polls look for Trump. A cautionary tale... On Friday EPIC-MIRA released a poll showing Biden leading Trump by 11 in Michigan. Except the same group had Clinton by 10 in March 2016. Dems need to focus on stuff at hand...
  5. JG

    Sarah Sanders leaving

    This has to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. Only so long anyone can deal with it.
  6. JG

    Had a Dem said this, many of you would have spontaneously combusted He didn’t go because he “didn’t like the war”. OMG. And yet all you guys who served will keep right on supporting him, and will vote for him. Had, say, Bill Clinton said this, many of you...
  7. JG

    Beto flailing

    New Quinipiac poll out today. For the Dem primary Biden 30% Beto 16% Bernie 15% Warren 11% No one else over 5. Beto, with all the name recognition he had from the last election, all of the feel-good stuff, and he's barely half of Joe in his home state. Unless he does something tremendously...
  8. JG

    All I can do is shake my head

    I see this story, and I read it. It’s not the story itself as much as a line in it. The author goes on to complain not just about violence against native women with...
  9. JG

    Trump out here pissing off more of our friends

    Insulting Meghan Markle, calling her “nasty”. Then wading into British politics, taking sides in the Brexit debate and backing one politician over another. Good job. We look so good.
  10. JG

    Happy Birthday Clint!

    Mr. Eastwood is 89 years old today. That's freaking crazy. The ultimate man's man, at least in the movies. His personal life is a little different, but no one has ever really corralled him. 9 kids with 6 women...he could give lessons to Sean Kemp... There are not many Hollywood types that...
  11. JG

    This year’s nomination for toughest woman ever 17 days lost in the forest, with a broken leg. Survived on berries and river water. Damn.
  12. JG

    This is getting old...a selfie isn’t worth dying for! Damn, people are getting so stupid about selfies. There have been at least a dozen people killed just this year trying to get the perfect selfie. It’s just such a stupid way to get yourself...
  13. JG

    Thoughts on impeachment

    The Dem caucus is beating on Pelosi to start impeachment. And Trump is pretty much say eff you I don’t have to do what you say. Impeach away. Were I Pelosi, I would tell them to simmer down, and exercise patience. Let some of the process play out. There is plenty of time for Trump to trip...
  14. JG

    Place your bets, who ends up on the Iron Throne Sunday night?

    I'm going to say Jon does. What say y'all?
  15. JG

    For the hell of it...odds on being president Feb 1, 2021

    Just for the hell of it, let me put odds on who I think will be president on February 1, 2021. Feel free to add your own. It will be interesting to see how this changes between now and then. Donald Trump 46% Joe Biden 35% Bernie Sanders 5% Kamala Harris 4% Beto 3% Mike Pence 2% Field 5% Thoughts?
  16. JG

    Here’s your damn emergency The Border Patrol is so overloaded with asylum requests that it is shutting down some of the inland checkpoints to free up personnel. Yet we are in an “emergency” to get...
  17. JG

    This is so damn funny...and eerily prescient
  18. JG

    Quick garden/tree question

    Since there are so many people on this board better at this than me... I forgot to cut back a crepe myrtle, and I’m wondering if it is too late to do so now (I live in Dallas).
  19. JG

    You won’t have Hillary to kick around anymore Hillary is officially handing over her mantle as conservatives’ Public Enemy Number 1 to AO-C. Goodbye, good luck, and good riddance.
  20. JG

    RIP Luke Perry

    Damn...he never recovered from the stroke he had last week.