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  1. calvin farquhar

    Don't Use a Metal Straw folks.

    Remember when mom told you not to run with scissors in your hand. In 2019 that is updated to include metal straws. Sure, you look cool and think you're saving the planet, but the consequences can be fatal.
  2. calvin farquhar

    Who wants to visit Disneyland?

    A fun new ride in Toonland called, "Beat the crap out of your family members". Someone should be going to jail. Word is the family was uncooperative with the police.
  3. calvin farquhar

    Rep. Frederica Wilson (FL)

    She's at least 1 beer short of a six pack. People in power are scary, particularly when they get their feelings hurt. I believe she believes it as being reasonable just as I believe Swalwell, Harris and Spartacus believe it's reasonable to confiscate your guns. Threatening, doxxing, revenge...
  4. calvin farquhar

    Ret. Brigadier General running for NH Senate seat

    Brigadier General Don Bolduc is running as a republican for the Senate seat in New Hampshire.
  5. calvin farquhar

    Man attacks TSA agents

    So much to watch in this video you'll have to watch it several times just to see it all. The dude takes out the first gal as she enters the x-ray machine to stop him. The guy next to the x-ray machine is all , ho hum, as he watches the melee while putting on his gloves. You got the one guy...
  6. calvin farquhar

    Roy Moore is running again

    Roy Moore, delusional, out of touch, creepy, and with a deep seated belief his 2017 election run was fraudulent, has decided to run again. He's Hillary and Stacey Abrams all rolled into one. Regardless, this dip**** has decided to run again. The entire state doesn't have a better option...
  7. calvin farquhar

    Human composting is now a thing.

    I try to imagine the the many uses. Has anyone ever heard of this before. New to me. Dust to dust” just became a much more literal proposition in Washington state, where the legislature approved human...
  8. calvin farquhar

    The new SAT.

    I guess just having an understanding of math and english aren't enough. The College Board, the company that writes and administers the SAT college entrance exam to thousands...
  9. calvin farquhar

    Um? Fish smell confirmed.

    Holy hell. A trans woman had a vagina constructed using the skin of a tilapia fish after her genitals began to shrink and close up following...
  10. calvin farquhar

    The GAIIN Act

    Anyone familiar with it? Thoughts? "Bringing together a rarely-seen bipartisan coalition of both Freedom Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus members, the bill provides both...
  11. calvin farquhar

    Progressive Obsession with Race Crosses the Pond.

    The recent birth of a new royal has some U.S. reporters jumping into the fray to offer advice and commentary on the child's future. Carla writes – and these are all real...
  12. calvin farquhar

    Uber driver fired-----For defending a life

    As we continue our spiral around the drain of life, a country headed toward god knows what, I found this article about an Uber driver, who was not only fired for refusing to take a woman to her abortion, but also has been threatened to be sued by her for the same reason. Unbelievable times we...
  13. calvin farquhar

    San Francisco has a bit of a poop problem

    Just gross.
  14. calvin farquhar

    Shapiro and Miller Interview.

    I found an hour to listen and enjoyed their discussion. Thought others might like it. Discussion of his career and a lot of time spent on today's politics and political environment. "On the democratic side you have 18 guys running for President and 14 shouldn't even have their drivers license...
  15. calvin farquhar

    Time for some levity

    This is hilarious. (It could be lazy humor so Duke will hate it). I thought Beckham was fairly gracious.
  16. calvin farquhar

    We're circling the drain people.

    When this is the type of stuff people go ape**** over For the second time this year, Donald Trump has invited an athletic team to the White House and boasted about serving them fast food," wrote Tracy...
  17. calvin farquhar

    Because it's sterile and he likes the taste

    To be clear, Fabian Farquharson is no relation on the family tree. This is a health kick I will take a hard pass on.
  18. calvin farquhar

    Ben Watson

    I like him. I wonder if he is interested in politics now that he has retired.
  19. calvin farquhar

    Craig Telfer is setting NCAA track and field records

    As a chick.
  20. calvin farquhar

    Child Support

    Hey lawyers give us your thoughts on this one. Any and all are welcome not just legal opinions.