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  1. Sneezybeltran

    Berkeley becomes first US city to ban natural gas in new buildings.

    Morons. I wouldn't build or remodel without a gas stove, dryer, etc.
  2. Sneezybeltran

    Do you have a Toyota Tacoma? Or have you?

    I've liked them for a while and need to scoop up something different for pools as the old truck I've got sucks and is dying slowly. As far as I can tell/remember, these things are bulletproof. They're a little more practical than a King Ranch for doing pools and just going to get a used one...
  3. Sneezybeltran

    What do you do?

    When you're at the gas station or McDonald's grabbing some gas, coffee or tea real quick and you go to take a leak and some dude comes in and destroys the porcelain throne right next to you? You're just quietly minding your own business at the urnal and your hear some sounds that might go well...
  4. Sneezybeltran

    Cocaine Mitch doing work

    H/T to ol' HelmetHead, I mean @HelmetBoy for the Cocaine Mitch nickname, which I love. Anyway, our boy is doing work and getting things done. It's even funnier, when it's a sanctimonious jackwagon like Chuck Schumer arguing and bitching about it. Hey Chuck, "It's not a sad day. It's a glad day!"...
  5. Sneezybeltran

    Duke, where did your thread go?

    Could’ve sworn you posted earlier about some pugs humping or something? Where did that go Mr Billy Bad Tail?!?!
  6. Sneezybeltran

    Dallas voting....District judge question. And propositions.

    For some of you more familiar with the landscape here, why are all the district judges democrats and nobody running against them? @PFD I'm guessing it doesn't pay that well and most aren't interested. I just found it odd that a whole sheet of my ballot, or close to it was democrat district...
  7. Sneezybeltran

    PUF Fund /University land drilling

    I haven't done one of these wells in a few, so thought twice about it when I saw the name. If there's "University" in the well name, it means we are drilling on land owned by the university's and/or has mineral rights and it goes to the PUF Fund. Any ideas on how much UT gets from it? My...
  8. Sneezybeltran

    San Angelo's Goodfellow Air Force Base to house undocumented immigrants

    The Children, per the article and previous article I posted. Annnnd the stupidity continues. The idea of putting them on a military base is insane and compounding a...
  9. Sneezybeltran

    Federal agency eyes Dyess, other Texas bases for immigrant-children tent cities

    Makes sense. I saw this earlier while scanning the old hometown newspaper. Government gonna government.
  10. Sneezybeltran

    Sneezy Beltran movesto Uptown Dallas and pledges to never let

    A Dallas HappyHour end before 2 am. Yepppp! The Post(1 of the 10 in Uptown) has a new resident in June. My place has the approval of my attractive, blonde friend and Dallas resident. I'm excited and think we should get a Happy Hour rolling mid June or early July. @Eric Nahlin will call dibs on...
  11. Sneezybeltran

    Student Debt & Social Security:One Policy to Address Both

    It's amazing how Obama completely avoided touching Social Security and it seems like the same will happen with Trump. However, not all legislators are avoiding the issues there and how it will be funded in the future. Here's a creative idea. This isn't a total fix, but it would help. Thoughts...
  12. Sneezybeltran

    Formula 1: "Grid Girls" will not be used at races this season

    This is so effin' embarrassing. For the sport and the world we live in. Do you think the fat, blue haired feminazis claim some sort of moral victory here by putting the much fairer and better looking part of the sex out of work?
  13. Sneezybeltran

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm Sneezy and I work for a directional drilling company as an MWD Field Engineer in the oil and gas business. Alright, boys and girls. Your turn.
  14. Sneezybeltran

    Do you have an old Bronco or Scout? Land Cruiser?

    I'm curious if any of y'all have bought one of these or restored one yourself? And/or paid to have it restored? I would like to finally make the move on one in a few months and want some advice.....or would like to hear some opinions. Pricewise, in regards to a 66-72 Bronco restored, you're...
  15. Sneezybeltran

    James Damore's Google Lawsuit Exposes Culture of Ignorant Intolerance

    I'm no lawyer, so I don't know if this has merit. It sure seems like it and well, if the script were flipped and said person wasn't a male or white, this would be a much bigger story. Google's response will be interesting. I will now defer to Duke, PFD and the other lawyers on this...
  16. Sneezybeltran

    Liberate blacks from left wing politics

    Perusing the old hometown paper while these fine gentleman run about 12,000 ft of casing in the ground and this opinion piece popped up. I found it interesting. Specifically, her points about what Ben Carson is doing at HUD and the note about Ted Cruz's work on tax stuff. Last but not least...
  17. Sneezybeltran

    Terry Crews was groped and now files police report.

    Who would do that to this guy? Seriously! I'm surprised the perp didn't get his a** beat, but something tells me he was really powerful and his name is about to be out there. Good for Terry! Let's bust them all...
  18. Sneezybeltran

    Pool Service Business

    I had a friend look into buying a pool service route a year or 2 ago and it piqued my interest. Does anybody work in this area? If so, shoot me a PM or say something on here, please. Thank you.
  19. Sneezybeltran

    Top Podcasts you like - Tim Ferriss w/ Vince Vaughn

    Tim Ferriss's podcast is a good one, as he does a good job of getting unique people on and asks interesting questions or knows about some funny stories involving these certain characters. This particular one made the drive to Abilene a little easier last week for the happy hour. Around the 1...
  20. Sneezybeltran

    Natural Sugar vs Artificial Sugar and Sugar in your Diet

    I've been on a quest for a better diet and a long term plan(reads: not a short term diet) and one of my goals is to reduce sugar in the diet. I've cut out Coke's about 90% of the time, but do occasionally drink some diet DP's. Topo Chico has come in handy for some carbonation. Anyway, back to...