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  1. Simms to Gilbert

    Mission Control Restoration

    Mission Control in Houston has been restored to look like it did during an Apollo mission. It looks beautiful. I'll definitely take the kids when they're old enough to appreciate the tour...
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    Millennial Burnout

    Interesting article written by a Texas PhD graduate seeking to understand the millennial dilemma and refuting claims by older generations that they are spoiled/lazy/entitled/etc. by positing that their entire lives -- inner and outer -- are "work"...
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    Wimbledon Hijinks

    The announcer's play-by-play is as good as the video.
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    Dave Chapelle on SNL

    Wow, just wow.
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    Now That It's Election Day...

    I just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed lurking in this forum these past few months. And I think it's also very safe to say that my opinions are right, and you're all wrong.
  6. Simms to Gilbert

    Firefox for iOS

    @ClendonRoss After the server update a few weeks back, I haven't been able to post or reply when using Firefox on my iPhone. The site runs fine, but when I click on the reply box no keyboard or cursor comes up.
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    DirecTV vs. Dish

    I'll be moving out of state in the next few months, and I'm thinking of getting a satellite dish. Obviously, Dish just signed LHN, so that's a huge consideration, but you never know if DirecTV will add it before I move. The way I see it, Dish has better tech and DirecTV has better content (at...
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    Big Brother

    I used to think Big Brother sounded like a dumb idea, so I never watched it. Then one summer I had nothing to watch, and I put it on. And now I'm hooked. The fact is, it's a truly stupid show, but also really addictive. And maddening too, since it's the easiest reality show for producers to...