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  1. Young Williams

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (aka Star Wars: Title IX)

    Anyone feeling the hype yet? Had an interesting conversation with a friend this week that got me thinking about Guerra de Estrellas Nueve. He talked about how fast Avengers: Endgame broke the record for pre-sale tickets, and I said that's a record that will get re-broken soon. And he was all...
  2. Young Williams


    About to see this. Unbreakable is my #5 all-time film. Despite the garbage critical response, I’m hoping for something non-terrible. Skeptically. Anyone else as amped for this as I am? Hard for me to believe he could tell two related stories as good as Unbreakable and Split and the have...
  3. Young Williams

    Cobra Kai

    Sweet hell, this is awesome. I expected it to be irreverently funny, but it’s got a subtle relevance for aging Gen X’ers on top of that. I think it’s genius. Zabka is a revelation.
  4. Young Williams

    Last Boy Scout

    It’s on. Billy Cole shot first, @MikeHdez12.